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Audi driver hits back over his parking that divided the internet


An Audi driver has hit back at online haters who slammed him for taking up two parking spots at a busy beach carpark in summer.

The red Audi was photographed earlier in the week taking up two spots at a beach carpark in Dee Why.

“One of the busiest beach days of the year and this a******* parked like this,” the photograph was captioned in a social media post.

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The post attracted thousands of comments, with many slamming the driver’s actions.

The driver, who wished to remain anonymous, told he believes his parking was justified.

The man said he believed the driver to his left was parked over the line, and that he wouldn’t have much room to get out.

He also said the carpark was only 60 per cent full at the time and he didn’t want to walk too far because of his bad knees.

“But honestly, I’d rather pay a few hundred dollars in parking fines to the council than get a dent in my door that would cost me $1000,” he said.

“The council should really just make the car spots wider, rather than having them as the bare minimum size.”

The man added he couldn’t believe how horrible some of the comments on the Reddit post were.

“To those haters out there, get a life,” he said.

An Audi driver was slammed online for this photo showing the car taking up two parking spots at a busy beach carpark in summer. Credit: Reddit

Frustrated Reddit users slammed the driver’s actions in the comments on the post.

“I don’t get the logic here,” one person commented. “Presumably they’re trying to avoid others opening doors into their car, but aren’t they just begging passersby to do much worse?”

“Just look at the picture. He doesn’t take up even half of a space to the left nor right of the line. He will fit just fine,” another added.

“I drive a big 4WD and I manage to park OK, there’s no excuses,” a third piped in.

Others suggested the Audi could be in danger of being damaged by disgruntled beach-goers.

“With the amount of d**** out there that damage cars parked correctly, I’m extremely surprised cars like this don’t get smashed windows,” one person said.

Others suggested perhaps the owner was concerned about fitting into the spot because of the length of the vehicle’s doors.

“I would guess it doesn’t fit in one space,” one person said. “R8s are stupid wide cars, and their doors are really long – even if it technically fitted between the lines, I doubt you could get in or out with cars both sides. Not that I think that’s an excuse for doing this.”

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