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ALDI shopper’s frustrating find in frozen fish buy: ‘What’s going on?’


An ALDI shopper has been left shaking her head over a bizarre discovery inside a popular frozen buy.

The woman posted on a popular Facebook group, Aldi Mums, to share photographs of the baffling find.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: ALDI shopper transforms oven with new buy.

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Her pictures showed a box of Ocean Royale frozen fish fillets – but inside, the fillets were only half the size of the box.

“Thought you’d like to see this – shrinkflation,” she wrote, tagging ALDI Australia.

Shrinkflation is typically when a product is downsized but its price stays the same.

A shopper has pointed out how ALDI’s fish fillets are only half the size of the box. Credit: Aldi Mums/Facebook

However it’s understood the Ocean Royale Golden Crisp Crumbed Fish Fillets have not decreased in size (425g) since the product was launched.

Fellow members of the group took to the comments, annoyed at the size of the fillets.

“They’re more like nuggets than fillets,” said one person.

“Just an absolute rip off,” someone commented.

“It’s happening with everything now!” another wrote.

Others defended ALDI and urged shoppers to check the weight of the product.

The shopper folded down the top of the box to show how much of it was empty. Credit: Aldi Mums/Facebook

“The product is sold on weight, so just because the box isn’t full that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re missing out on anything,” wrote one person.

“They’re still the same weight,” said another.

“They’re 425g, that seems about right. Box is too big,” a third said.

The ALDI shopper made the discovery inside this box of Ocean Royale fish fillets. Credit: Aldi Mums/Facebook

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