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“Beijing deceives the world by claiming that Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China”


Lhe international community faces an unprecedented number of crises: from the ongoing challenge of SARS-CoV-2 variants to delayed efforts against climate change, from supply chain disruptions to the needless invasion of Ukraine by Russia… Now more than ever, the rise of verbal and military threats from China is undermining regional peace and stability.

All of this is bound to have consequences for the security and well-being of the world. As the members of the United Nations (UN) gather again in New York, these leaders need to be reminded that all human beings, including those in Taiwan, deserve to have their voices heard and challenged. be associated with the collaborative effort necessary to meet these challenges for the good of all.

Taiwan is a partner that can help overcome these global challenges. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Taiwan has provided humanitarian aid around the world, including much-needed surgical masks and medical supplies. Taiwan has also sent more than 550 tons of relief materials to the people of Ukraine and donated more than $40 million. [40 millions d’euros] Ukrainian refugees following the Russian invasion.

Taiwan is committed to combating climate change with a roadmap to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 and putting in place measures to comply with the UN’s sustainable development ambitions. Taiwan, the world’s 22nd largest economy by GDP and a major manufacturer of semiconductors, plays a key role in global supply chains. A defender of democracy, Taiwan works to safeguard the status quo and supports a rules-based international order. While China uses coercion to export its authoritarianism, Taiwan sets an example with its free and open society.

“Interconnected Crises”

It is regrettable that Taiwan does not have the opportunity to participate in the largest and most important forum for comprehensive cooperation due to the relentless suppression of the People’s Republic of China. [RPC]. By purposely confusing its “one China” principle with UN General Assembly Resolution 2758 – the resolution that determined who represented “China” in the organization five decades ago – Beijing is misleading the world by claiming that Taiwan is part of the PRC.

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