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Arab Monetary Fund: Abu Dhabi market leads Arab stock exchanges with market gains of $6.7 billion


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The Arab Monetary Fund announced the progress of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and the Arab stock exchanges during the trading last week, after achieving market gains of about 6.7 billion dollars.

The Fund explained, in the weekly bulletin of the Arab capital markets, which monitors 13 Arab stock exchanges, that the market value of the Arab stock exchanges reached 4.23 trillion dollars at the end of last week, and the market value of the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange rose from 606.9 billion dollars to 613.7 billion dollars.

The bulletin stated that the market value of the Dubai Financial Market amounted to 153.7 billion dollars, while the market value of the Saudi Stock Exchange reached 2.89 trillion dollars, the Qatar Stock Exchange 192.2 billion dollars, the Kuwait Stock Exchange 144.5 billion dollars, the Muscat market 60.2 billion dollars, the Casablanca Stock Exchange 58.4 billion dollars, and the Egyptian Stock Exchange 35.2 billion One billion dollars and the Bahrain Stock Exchange 30.77 billion dollars.

According to the weekly bulletin of the Arab Monetary Fund, the market value of the Amman Stock Exchange amounted to 25.8 billion dollars, the Beirut Stock Exchange 13.8 billion dollars, the Palestine Stock Exchange 4.9 billion dollars, and the Damascus market 1.54 billion dollars.