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Ali Al-Balushi, one of the heroes of entering the “House of Goodness” in the “Guinness Book”


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The unknown soldier is the one who works according to his human and patriotic conscience, and he is the person who suffers to make others happy, and he is the one who puts the interests of others before his own, and may even risk his health and sacrifice his time for the sake of the country and the people.

Ali Abdullah Al Balushi and many other soldiers whose role we do not know in this country and how many of them are there. He works silently for the sake of humanity. He does not like slogans and raising voices. He does not tend towards lights and noise. All he cares about is achieving people’s happiness and facilitating their affairs smoothly.

The metal of Al-Balushi and his likes of unknown soldiers appear in times of crisis, and the importance of his role emerges when the need is severe, as he suffers for the sake of his human brother to make him happy and see the smile on his face. In addition, he is the head of the food feeding committee and the head of the sacrificial animal project.

Al-Balushi contributed to the entry of the “Beit Al-Khair” Association into the Guinness Book of Records in 2019, as the first humanitarian institution in the world to enter the encyclopedia, through his supervision and keenness to implement a project to distribute 8997 meals to workers in a record time, less than 3 hours instead of 5 hours. Decided by the Guinness World Records Committee.

Not only that, but he is constantly coordinating with the Labor Affairs Committee in Dubai regarding the distribution of meals and personal supplies to them, in addition to his cooperation with the Disaster and Crisis Committee in the Corona pandemic, so he was risking his health in order to deliver aid to those who deserve it, care for the elderly, and provide for their needs, despite the conditions of the pandemic. Perhaps the supplication of these people is what has protected him so far from contracting the virus.

He also supervises a team of more than 40 people during Ramadan to monitor the kitchens, check the quality of meals, and organize their distribution to those who are eligible for them, who are fasting. And the word impossible is not found in their dictionary.

Al-Balooshi became a close friend to these groups and segments, so that they visited him and asked about him constantly. Al-Balooshi says that every Emirati embodies the phrase “Zayed’s children” in his position and in his actions, so we live in this country with love, work, production, reform, answering the call of the homeland, positive citizenship, and other scenes that convey One truth is that “we are all children of Zayed” who carry his ideas, values, morals and humanity.