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95 requests to participate in mass weddings


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The number of applications to participate in mass weddings submitted to the Ministry of Community Development has reached about 95 applications since the beginning of this year, while its Marriage Grants Department received 244 applications during the past year.

To take advantage of the service, the Ministry requires that the applicant and his wife be citizens of the UAE, and that the conditions and controls for obtaining a marriage grant do not apply to him, and that the applicant has never participated in a group wedding previously, while submission requires an identity card from those wishing to benefit from the service. For both spouses, a copy of the marriage contract issued by the competent court, a copy of the family book that includes the names of the husband and wife, and a detailed salary certificate for the husband that includes all allowances.

The number of mass weddings that the country witnessed during the 10 years from 2013 to 2022 reached about 83 collective weddings, in which 3,597 people participated.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry annually implements the “Edad” program for Emirati youth, which is implemented by the Department of Marriage Scholarships within the framework of awareness and rehabilitation programs and services adopted by the Ministry to promote and motivate the building of stable and cohesive families.

The program includes 5 basic and fixed axes in all courses, which are family relations, compatibility in marital life, financial planning, spouses’ partnership in raising children and promoting citizenship, and family challenges.