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9400 dead, the death toll from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria


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Exhausted throughout the night, rescue teams in Turkey and Syria continued to work to recover more bodies from the rubble of thousands of buildings destroyed by a catastrophic earthquake.

Today, Wednesday, the death toll rose to more than 9,400, making the earthquake the deadliest in more than a decade.

And the Turkish Disaster Management Authority announced that the death toll in the country rose to 6,957, bringing the total number in Turkey and Syria to 9,487, since Monday’s earthquake and aftershocks.

The death toll from the earthquake in areas under the control of the Syrian government has risen to 1,250 dead and 2,054 injured, according to the Ministry of Health.

At least 1,280 people have been killed and more than 2,600 injured in northwest Syria.

This number exceeded the number of victims of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal in 2015, which killed 8,800 people.

Amid calls for the government to send more aid to the stricken areas, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to travel to the quake epicenter town of Pazarcık, and to the worst-affected Hatay province on Wednesday.

There are now about 60,000 aid workers in Turkey in the earthquake-hit area.