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6,665 beneficiaries of preparation courses for those planning to get married in 2021


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Statistics from the Ministry of Community Development revealed that 6,665 of those intending to get married benefited from the “preparation” courses, which are implemented by the Marriage Grants Department in the ministry, with a total of 32 training courses that were implemented in the year 2021, where attendance is mandatory for those who are eligible for the financial grant for marriage.

The Ministry of Community Development focuses on the axis of providing the necessary awareness for young people about to get married by providing the members with the necessary knowledge to build stable families in various aspects of life, as it is provided by a group of family specialists within 5 main axes dealing with the importance of strengthening family construction, the axis of the importance of family relations, and how to confront Differences, and the axis of strengthening financial planning, and consolidating the partnership between spouses in raising children and promoting citizenship.


The “Edad” program aims to qualify young people who are about to get married and enable them to assume their family responsibilities and provide them with the knowledge required to build a safe and stable family, through courses dealing with various aspects of life that are organized weekly according to an approved plan at the level of the emirates and cities of the country, where a schedule is presented on the website The e-mail of the Ministry of Community Development shows the dates of the lectures and the topics that will be discussed.

In July 2021, the Ministry announced the generalization and facilitation of the “Edad” program to qualify young people about to get married, with its educational and targeted lectures across society in its various groups and institutions, through a targeted and academically approved training material, with qualitative family and social axes, reaching students and youth in various sectors, with Keeping the program compulsory for young men and women applying for a marriage grant.


The ministry revealed in a report of it about “the evaluation of a numbers – to get upset with the acceptable youth for marriage”, in Abyer 2021, on the authority of a high satisfaction between the youth and the young women, the target of the program is in the awareness of the youth in the future of marital life More than 95%, in light of the Ministry’s organization of “live” lectures via smart devices as part of the “Prepare” program to qualify young citizens who are about to get married, which is mandatory for the beneficiaries of the marriage grant and one of the conditions for obtaining the grant.

According to the report, the participants stressed the importance of providing lectures to married couples after a period of marriage, to discuss with them about marriage and the most important problems they face in family life, and to add a counseling service for spouses when needed, suggesting that the program’s axes be offered for teaching in schools and universities in order to increase awareness among members of society before marriage. They proposed providing a special “preparation” program, starting from the age of 17, to raise awareness at an early age, and to ensure access to family culture, in addition to introducing new axes that promote building a cohesive family, and reduce differences between spouses.