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51,000 professionals and 3,000 companies attended the Arab Health Fair today


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The “Arab Health Exhibition and Conference 2023” kicks off today, which will last for four days at the Dubai Trade Center, with wide participation from government agencies, local, regional and international medical institutions and companies, as this annual event is one of the most important and largest medical conferences and exhibitions in the Middle East.

The exhibition is witnessing the participation of more than 45 international pavilions, including the first participation of New Zealand, Singapore, Tunisia, Indonesia and Estonia, and more than 3,000 exhibiting companies, as more than 51,000 medical professionals around the world are expected to attend the event.

About 300 international speakers and more than 3,200 participants from specialized, responsible and concerned doctors will participate in the conference and exhibition – which will be held this year under the slogan “Innovation and Sustainability in Healthcare”. As well as obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, comprehensive radiology, surgery, emergency medicine and quality management.

Arab Health 2023 showcases the latest medical technologies and innovations, including the Smart Health Pavilion, in partnership with the Smart Health Association, which will highlight many new technologies through live demonstrations, such as the leading digital intensive care unit, smart operating room and emergency room. The second edition of the “Future Health Summit” at the “Museum of the Future” with the participation of elite leaders and executives to discuss the health care industry and the future and possibilities of health and health care in the virtual world of “Metaverse”.

The Arab Health Exhibition will include nine categories of sectors, showcasing the latest technologies and innovations in the field of disposables, orthopedics, health care, public services, imaging, medical devices, information technology, health and prevention, infrastructure and assets.

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In addition, the health authorities in the UAE, represented by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Health Authority, during their participation in the exhibition and conference, are reviewing a package of innovative initiatives of curative and digital health services that are in line with the country’s strategy to establish a sustainable preventive health system that enjoys flexibility and readiness. In a unified national platform to launch and implement national projects in which joint efforts are integrated.

The platform witnesses the launch of an innovative health services package and a number of pioneering projects and initiatives that contribute to enhancing future health services by combining smart systems and enhancing digital health practices, in addition to employing big data and predictive models, applying health information systems and other pioneering projects, which fall within the framework of the strategy. The Ministry aims to provide comprehensive and innovative health services in accordance with the best international practices.

federal approach

His Excellency Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection, affirmed that the participation of health authorities within a unified national platform in the most prominent health conference in the region comes as an embodiment of the vision of the wise leadership in establishing an integrated work approach within the framework of a national road map that aims to enhance preparations for the future and raise the capabilities of all sectors. vital, including developing the health sector in a comprehensive manner, in order to establish its competitiveness, flexibility, effectiveness, and alignment with the directions and priorities of the state, and that this is reflected through the slogan of participation, “Health of the Emirates.”

Attractive environment

Mansour Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Head of the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, said that the UAE was able to strengthen its position at the forefront of countries in the world in the fields of health care and life sciences, which made it the focus of attention and interest of major global health companies and institutions seeking to benefit from the attractive environment that the country enjoys, such as infrastructure. Developed population diversity and supportive policies for research, innovation and business development.

For his part, Awad Sagheer Al Ketbi, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, said that the presence of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Health Authority, at the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference 2023, on one platform and under one slogan “Emirates Health”, is a source of strength for the UAE health sector in This major event also consolidates the joint work model that brings together the three entities and unifies their efforts towards health sustainability and other strategic goals of the UAE and its future aspirations.

19 projects

The Emirates Health Services Corporation, through its platform, displays 19 innovative projects based on the latest smart and proactive technologies. Dr. Youssef Mohamed Al Serkal, Director General of the Emirates Health Services Corporation, confirmed that the Corporation’s participation in the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference reflects their continuous commitment to supporting national efforts aimed at providing a health system. Modern, innovative and available to all, according to the highest standards of global leadership.

9 conferences

On the other hand, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi experts present during the event inspiring lectures that focus on intellectual leadership while presenting valuable insights on key topics related to health care, which includes the holding of 9 important conferences approved as programs for continuing medical education. The lectures will cover a number of main and sub-medical topics, starting with From obesity and metabolic disorders, to hands-on robotic surgery and joint reconstruction, to infectious diseases and complex care and the latest advances in heart failure management and bone marrow transplantation.


NAFFCO, one of the leading companies in the production and supply of safety solutions at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, announced the presentation of the first electric ambulance of its kind during the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference 2023, while the company will also showcase its latest products and smart technologies for health care, and its innovations. The new ambulance includes the latest communication technologies, including automated, voice-activated computer solutions that can be equipped with personnel to enable medical staff to obtain a comprehensive view of the medical conditions of patients inside the ambulance before arriving at the hospital.