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197% growth in international visitors to Dubai in 5 months to 6.17 million


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The Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai revealed that the tourism sector in the emirate has continued its strong performance since the beginning of this year, and the continued high growth with very positive results achieved during the period from January to May 2022, during which Dubai received more than 6.17 million international visitors, an increase of 197% compared to the previous year. The same period last year, which recorded more than two million visitors.

This came during a meeting organized by the Department of Economy and Tourism with its partners at the Grand Hyatt Dubai Convention Center, in the presence of more than 1,200 CEOs and managers representing the tourism, travel, aviation, hospitality and retail sectors.

This is within the framework of the continuous periodic meetings held by the department to inform the partners about the performance of the market and its latest developments, developments and future directions, in a way that contributes to unifying efforts and enabling the sector to identify new opportunities that enhance its strong performance and consolidate Dubai’s position as a global center for business, investment and tourism.


Hilal Al Marri, Director General of the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, said: “The vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, has always been a source of inspiration for us all, and this is reflected in the city’s continued success in achieving more success.” and achievements, we continue our efforts in order to strengthen its position as a global center of economy and tourism.

Building on the great momentum created by the successful hosting of Expo 2020 Dubai in achieving growth rates in the tourism sector and providing various exceptional experiences, we seek to achieve the ambitious goal of making Dubai the best city in the world for life, work and visit.


He added: While we look forward to the second half of 2022 and beyond with optimism, we continue our approach to take advantage of the main elements that contributed to achieving the steady growth of the sector, especially after the resumption of receiving international visitors in July 2020, including the special offers and experiences that Dubai offers to its guests. With the participation of stakeholders and partners who continue to play a pivotal role in achieving this growth, as well as enhancing the confidence of travelers in Dubai as a safe destination.

Exceptional Dubai hotel performance

Statistics issued by the Department of Economy and Tourism showed that Dubai hotels in general maintained an average occupancy level of 76% for the first five months of this year, compared to 62% for the same period in 2021.

According to data issued by the STR Corporation, which specializes in hotel management analytics, Dubai ranked first in the world in terms of hotel occupancy rates, followed by New York with an occupancy rate of 61%, London with 60%, and Paris with 57%, for the period between January Until April.

“Pay less for a longer stay”

Issam Kazim, Executive Director of the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, presented to the audience the general performance of the tourism sector in Dubai, as well as the number of international visitors, and the main markets exporting tourism to Dubai. He also reviewed global marketing campaigns and initiatives organized in cooperation with partners, including the new campaign ( Pay less for a longer stay) «Stay More, Pay Less».

backed by more than 60 hotels and resorts that offer true and excellent value to travelers. The campaign aims to encourage visitors and families to choose Dubai to spend their summer vacation there, whereby guests who book a stay in Dubai hotels for seven nights can participate in the campaign to pay the value of accommodation for five nights only, and also pay the value of three nights only for a stay of five nights.

joint team

Kazim explained, “The periodic meetings that we organize with our partners contribute to unifying the perceptions that enable us to work as a joint team in order to achieve the visions of our wise leadership aimed at making Dubai the leading tourist destination in the world.”

Our close cooperation with them enables them to benefit from our marketing campaigns and various activities that are carefully prepared to maintain the attractiveness of Dubai World, and also motivate those wishing to travel to be on their minds when choosing their next destinations.

The positive performance of the Dubai sector is also evidence of the city’s flexibility in dealing with all challenges. While we seek to benefit from the local market and the increasing number of international visitors, we are confident that the summer season will be an important season with activities and offers to accelerate the growth of the sector.”

global campaigns

Issam Kazem also touched on the famous global marketing campaigns, which attracted the attention of audiences in various countries of the world, and shed light on the tourism potentials that the city enjoys and the offers and experiences it offers to its guests, including the “Dubai Presents” campaign, in which the two stars Jessica Alba participate. Guild Award winner Zac Efron and international director Craig Gillespie.

The beloved Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan also played a starring role in the last segment of the campaign, which confirms the solidity of the foundations and pillars of the tourism sector in the emirate, and reflects the great diversity in the markets exporting tourism to it from around the world, as well as enhancing Dubai’s position, which ranked first in the list of the best destinations World Travelers for 2022, according to TripAdvisor.

The meeting highlighted the efforts made to consolidate Dubai’s position as the capital of culinary arts, including the launch of the first edition of the Michelin Guide Dubai, the Michelin Stars 2022, and the arrival of the first guide to the Gault & Millau rating, which are considered important additions that enhance the field of culinary arts in the city.

A summer full of activities and events

For his part, Ahmed Al Khaja, CEO of the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment, highlighted the most prominent events and activities that fall within the Dubai annual retail calendar 2022, including the 25th session of Dubai Summer Surprises, which starts on July 1 and continues until September 4, 2022, as well as Celebrations of the “Eid in Dubai – Al-Adha” and the “Back to School” season.

And the next session of the “Dubai Fitness Challenge”, which will be held next October. Where residents and visitors of Dubai can take advantage of innovative promotions, great chances to win, unique shopping experiences, and attend exciting events and activities.

He said: “Dubai has enormous tourism potentials and a developed infrastructure that integrates with the city’s offerings, activities and events that make it a favorite destination to visit throughout the year.” While we cooperate with our partners to offer many exciting experiences, promotions as well as hotel accommodation packages, and recreational activities and events, all of which contribute to making Dubai a favorite destination to visit during the summer.

200 million searches

Dubai has maintained its position as a preferred destination to visit, with the successful global marketing campaigns launched by the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism continuing throughout the year. The data showed that since the last quarter of 2021, online search sites have seen more than 200 million searches for travel to Dubai, and in May alone, searches and reservations for the city reached nearly pre-pandemic levels.


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