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Friday’s Connections game for NYT offered a fun challenge for puzzle lovers. Players are presented with a grid of 16 words and tasked with arranging them into four groups of four based on the connections between them. The groups are color coded for difficulty, with yellow being the easiest and purple being the hardest. Players need to be careful with words that can fit into multiple categories and can shuffle the words to help identify links. Making four mistakes leads to game over, so hints and answers are provided to help players if they are struggling.

Today’s 16 words included words like GOATEE, HAMMER, HURDLE, and HITCH. The hints provided for each group were given as nonsense for the yellow group, spotted at the Olympics for the green group, elements of a hellish Halloween outfit for the blue group, and all tied up for the purple group. The groups revealed were balderdash for the yellow group, track and field equipment for the green group, parts of a Devil costume for the blue group, and types of knots for the purple group.

One player shared their experience of successfully completing today’s Connections game. They mentioned figuring out the yellow group first, taking a chance on the fourth word they were unsure of, which turned out to be correct. They then moved on to the blues and purples, with the grid conveniently placing related words close together, leading to victory with the greens. The player encouraged others to check the blog for hints and solutions for the upcoming Sunday game.

In addition to the Connections game, the article also mentioned a mini column focusing on British bands the writer listened to while growing up. The writer expressed his love for Feeder and highlighted the song “Just A Day” as a favorite, despite its melancholy lyrics. The upbeat tone of the song and the joyous video featuring fans singing and dancing along always brings a smile to his face. The writer also shared a personal anecdote about Feeder and his hope to see them live again in North America.

Overall, the Connections game continues to provide a fun challenge for players, testing their ability to identify connections between words and arrange them into groups. The hints and answers provided help players who may be struggling, ensuring they can complete the game without making four mistakes. The additional content about British bands adds a personal touch to the article, showcasing the writer’s love for Feeder and their music, connecting with readers on a nostalgic level.

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