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The New York Mets are currently struggling with a record of 21-25 and are just half a game ahead of the Washington Nationals for third place in the National League East. They are 12 games behind the NL East-leading Philadelphia Phillies. The team had a rough start to the season going 0-5, then bouncing back to 12-8 before losing 17 of their last 26 games. Owner Steve Cohen unintentionally riled up fans with a since-deleted tweet on social media, highlighting the disappointment surrounding the team’s performance.

The Mets were hoping to turn things around on Monday in a series opener against the Cleveland Guardians but got off to a rocky start. After the Guardians took an immediate 2-0 lead in the first inning, the Mets were looking to get back into the game in the top of the second inning. However, a disastrous play involving J.D. Martinez and Starling Marte saw the Mets making a base running mistake that resulted in a double play. This play exemplifies the Mets’ struggles this season, with even experienced players making critical errors on the field.

Despite the setbacks, the Mets are still planning on contending this season and are just 2.5 games out of a playoff spot with the third Wild Card spot in reach. The team will need to overcome their mistakes and inconsistencies if they want to be taken seriously as postseason contenders. There is still a long season ahead, providing the Mets with an opportunity to regroup and make a push for the playoffs. Fans are hoping that the team can put the base running blunder behind them and focus on improving their performance on the field.

The Mets’ season has been marked by ups and downs, with moments of promise followed by disappointing losses. Fans are looking to see the team’s potential realized and for them to live up to expectations set by management. Despite the challenges they have faced, the Mets are determined to turn things around and make a strong push towards the playoffs. With the talent on their roster and the opportunity to secure a Wild Card spot, the Mets have the potential to salvage their season and make a late-season surge.

As the Mets continue to navigate through a challenging season, they are looking to build momentum and string together wins to improve their standing in the NL East. With the team’s eyes set on a playoff spot, every game is crucial, and they will need to capitalize on opportunities to secure much-needed victories. The Mets’ resilience and determination to overcome obstacles will be tested as they work towards achieving their goal of contending for a postseason berth. Fans are hopeful that the team can rebound from their recent struggles and put together a strong finish to the season.

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