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A New Yorker named Jared was driving a rented U-Haul van across Manhattan with his roommate after picking up a sofa when they discovered a live snake under the driver’s seat. The 25-year-old trader initially mistook the snake for a toy but quickly realized it was real as it moved and looked at him. Startled by the snake, Jared took his foot off the brake and crashed into the car in front of them in panic.

After crashing the U-Haul, Jared and his roommate were still stuck with the live snake in the van. They considered throwing it out the window but realized they were in Manhattan with pedestrians everywhere. The responding female officers did not want to deal with the snake, so animal control officers were called to remove the reptile from the vehicle. Despite their efforts, Jared believes the snake did not come from the sofa they picked up as they had taken it apart to fit it in the truck.

The U-Haul worker from the Bronx location where Jared rented the van confirmed the report of the snake but was surprised as to how it got there. Jared expressed his gratitude that no one was seriously injured in the incident, realizing it could have been much worse. He apologized to the girls in the car they crashed into and reflected on the bizarre and nerve-wracking experience he had while attempting to transport the sofa across the city.

Jared recounted how he and his roommate freaked out upon realizing the snake was real and actively moving. He described the snake as white with yellow stripes and approximately 3 and a half feet long. The unexpected encounter with the live snake led to a chain of events that resulted in a car accident and the need to call for professional help in handling the reptile.

Despite being initially terrified by the snake, Jared reflected on the incident with a sense of disbelief and humor, acknowledging the craziness of the situation. The unexpected discovery of the live snake in the U-Haul van added an element of danger and surprise to what was supposed to be a routine trip to transport a new piece of furniture. In the end, Jared expressed relief that the situation did not escalate further and that everyone involved was safe and unharmed.

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