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Pumpkin, a three-year-old cat, is looking for her forever home after being rescued from a hoarding situation in Suffolk County, New York in the fall of 2023. She was brought to the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons along with 13 other felines. Employees at ARF describe Pumpkin as having a gentle soul and pleasant disposition, known for entertaining herself while also enjoying the company of humans and other cats. ARF’s director of marketing and communications, Jamie Berger, stated that Pumpkin is seeking a relaxing home where she can lounge in a sunny spot and enjoy the warmth of the sun on her fur.

Pumpkin, a brown-and-autumn colored cat with piercing green eyes, weighs about eight pounds and is currently available for adoption at ARF in East Hampton, New York. The organization, which has been in operation since 1974, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and has helped rescue and rehome over 30,000 dogs and cats over the last five decades. Anyone interested in learning more about Pumpkin or the adoption process can visit for more information.

The story of Pumpkin’s rescue and her search for a new home has gained attention due to her striking appearance and heartwarming personality. The article highlights Pumpkin’s love of lounging in sunny spots and her ability to entertain herself while also enjoying the company of humans and other cats. ARF staff describe her as a stunner with a gentle soul, making her an ideal pet for a loving family looking to provide her with a relaxing environment to call her own.

The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs and cats in need, with a mission that spans over five decades. The organization has a long history of helping animals like Pumpkin find loving forever homes and provides resources for those interested in adopting a pet. With its 50th anniversary approaching, ARF continues to serve the community by caring for animals in need and connecting them with families who can provide them with a safe and happy environment.

If you are interested in adopting Pumpkin or learning more about the adoption process, visit for more information. The website provides details on the available pets, adoption requirements, and how to get involved with the organization. Whether you are looking to provide a forever home for Pumpkin or simply want to support ARF’s mission, there are numerous ways to contribute to the cause and help animals in need. Consider making a donation, volunteering your time, or spreading the word about the importance of adopting rescue pets like Pumpkin.

Overall, Pumpkin’s story is a reminder of the impact that organizations like the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons have on the lives of animals in need. By providing a safe haven for cats like Pumpkin and connecting them with loving families, ARF continues to make a difference in the community and beyond. With the support of individuals who share their passion for animal welfare, ARF can continue their mission for years to come, ensuring that more animals like Pumpkin have the chance to find their forever homes and experience the love and care they deserve.

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