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RockTree Capital, a prominent crypto-native fund and merchant bank based in Beijing, has unveiled its new immersive website featuring a futuristic film-noir concept called the Cyberpunk Crypto City. The website showcases RockTree’s vision of a future where Web3 technology is ubiquitous, blending technology, finance, and culture. Set in the future near the 11th halving of bitcoin, the site draws inspiration from the cypherpunk movement, advocating for the widespread adoption of decentralization and privacy-enhancing technologies as a means to achieve self-sovereignty and freedom for individuals worldwide.

As an early-stage investor and bespoke accelerator in Asia, RockTree Capital has played a significant role in accelerating the growth of its portfolio companies. With a focus on ultra-localized strategies and grassroots community building, the company has empowered emerging founders and projects to succeed in both Eastern and Western markets. By leveraging strong regional relationships with key crypto institutions, capital partners, and Web3 collaborators, RockTree invests in and accelerates the development of projects in Infrastructure, DeFi, Cross-chain, and the Bitcoin Ecosystem.

Founded by visionary investor Omer Ozden, RockTree Capital is headquartered in Beijing and operates at the intersection of Eastern and Western markets. The company’s team, made up of crypto natives, bridges cultural, human, capital, and media divides across these regions. RockTree takes a grassroots approach to unite the Eastern and Western crypto markets, benefiting its portfolio investments, which include top projects such as dYdX, The Graph, Chainlink, Fantom, Pocket, Maple, Covalent, Axelar, Eclipse, and BEVM. Omer Ozden, Founder and Chairman of RockTree Capital, emphasizes the importance of focusing on the human aspect of Web3 and identifying the key factors for success in founders and teams.

The Cyberpunk Crypto City website embodies RockTree’s forward-thinking vision of a future where Web3 technology and digital assets are seamlessly integrated into daily life, and decentralized finance becomes a consumer product accessible to all. Through captivating visuals and a retro film-noir aesthetic, visitors to the website will be transported to a cybernetic metropolis of replicants, available in both English and Chinese, and powered by blockchain technology. RockTree invites individuals to explore the future of finance at the Cyberpunk Crypto City, envisioning a new chapter of innovation in Web3 technology.

In conclusion, RockTree Capital’s Cyberpunk Crypto City website represents a glimpse into a future where decentralized finance and blockchain technology are deeply embedded in society. By focusing on the human elements of Web3 and bridging the gap between Eastern and Western crypto markets, RockTree is at the forefront of driving innovation and accelerating the growth of promising projects. Through its immersive website and grassroots approach, RockTree invites visitors to join them in shaping the future of finance and Web3 innovation.

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