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The New York Yankees recently unveiled new uniforms that featured some design changes, including the removal of the white piping that outlined the words “New York” and the jersey numbers. This change was made in response to Major League Baseball switching the material of its jerseys. However, the new jerseys received criticism during spring training for their “cheap” appearance, with some players noting that the smaller last names on the backs of jerseys looked messy. The team’s jerseys were further scrutinized as players began sweating through them during games, leading to negative comments from commentators and fans alike.

The attention on the new Yankees uniforms continued as WFAN radio hosts Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti criticized the plain and sweat-stained appearance of the jerseys during a game. Other commentators and fans also weighed in on social media, expressing their disappointment with the sweat stains and overall design of the jerseys. Some pointed out that the sweat became more visible on certain teams’ jerseys as opposed to others, with the Yankees’ decision to not include last names on their jerseys saving them from a similar fate. Despite the controversy, MLB officials defended the uniforms, stating that they were designed to be “world-class” and “performance-driven.”

The decision to switch to the new jerseys was based on MLB’s desire to offer players a more comfortable and flexible uniform option. The league worked with Fanatics and Nike to create jerseys that had 25% more stretch than previous versions, allowing for a lighter feel and improved performance. The uniforms were tested on hundreds of players, with feedback from the previous year’s All-Star Game being positive. Fanatics measured every player, and Nike scanned over 300 players’ bodies to ensure the ideal fit. Despite the initial criticism, the league remains confident in the quality and functionality of the new jerseys.

During spring training, there were instances where the new jerseys led to visible wardrobe malfunctions, such as tucked-in jerseys being visible through pants or pants revealing more than intended. Despite these issues, MLB’s senior vice president of global consumer products and other executives continue to stand by the new uniforms, emphasizing their performance-driven design. While the controversy surrounding the Yankees’ new jerseys continues to generate attention and criticism, MLB remains committed to providing players with high-quality and functional uniforms that enhance their on-field performance.

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