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New details have emerged about Rory McIlroy’s divorce from Erica Stoll, with court documents revealing that he served her with divorce papers at their family home in Jupiter, Florida. The pro golfer handed the petition to Stoll in person at their $22 million mansion on May 13, the day after he won the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina. McIlroy had already signed the divorce papers digitally on May 9, giving Stoll 20 days to respond. The divorce petition warned Stoll that failing to respond on time could result in the case being lost and her wages, money, and property being taken without further warning from the court.

The court documents also revealed that McIlroy had hired Thomas Sasser, Tiger Woods’ lawyer during his high-profile split from Elin Nordegren in 2010, to represent him in the divorce proceedings. Stoll, on the other hand, has not listed a lawyer on the docket, and there has been no movement in the case since May 13. McIlroy and Stoll, who share a daughter named Poppy, got married in 2017 and were rumored to be dating newly single sports reporter Amanda Balionis at the time of their divorce. Despite the public nature of their split, both parties have remained relatively quiet about the details surrounding their separation.

In addition to his personal life, McIlroy has also been making moves in his professional career, recently opening a mini golf course and bar in Miami. His divorce from Stoll marks a new chapter for the four-time major winner, who has faced scrutiny and speculation about his personal life in the past. The court documents shed light on the legal proceedings of McIlroy’s divorce, including the requirement for Stoll to file a response if she wants the court to hear her side of the case. The petition emphasized the importance of following legal requirements and seeking legal counsel if needed, indicating the seriousness of the situation for both parties involved.

The timing of McIlroy’s divorce from Stoll, coming just days after his victory at the Wells Fargo Championship, adds a layer of complexity to the situation. While it is unclear what led to the breakdown of their marriage, the public nature of their split has attracted attention from fans and media alike. McIlroy’s decision to serve Stoll with divorce papers in person at their family home suggests a level of personal involvement in the process, potentially indicating a desire for closure and resolution in their relationship.

As McIlroy navigates the challenges of his divorce from Stoll, he continues to focus on his career in golf and other business ventures. The opening of his mini golf course and bar in Miami showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously. While the details of his personal life may be subject to speculation and rumors, McIlroy remains dedicated to his craft and committed to his professional success. Despite the complexities of his divorce and the public scrutiny surrounding it, McIlroy’s resilience and determination are evident in his continued pursuit of excellence on and off the golf course.

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