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Google Photos is set to add a new feature that will automatically create short clips from stored videos, known as “Cinematic Moments.” This complements existing features that generate new content from media in your library. The feature, discovered by software sleuth Assemble Debug, adds a slow-motion effect to videos to highlight interesting moments. While not yet enabled for users, it is expected to use AI to analyze videos and pick out the best parts for these Cinematic Moments.

This new feature is similar to Google Photos’ Cinematic Photos, which animates still images with a 3D perspective-shifting effect. However, creating clips from videos could be more valuable as it allows users to easily identify memorable moments without having to watch each clip in full. This is where Google’s Gemini AI comes in, analyzing videos to automatically select the most interesting parts. This technology has been demonstrated in examples where it locates and processes specific moments in lengthy videos, showcasing its ability to efficiently work with video content.

Cinematic Moments will be added to Google Photos’ existing list of creations, including Animations that combine photos into animated clips, Collages that merge images into a single collage, and Movies that create customizable slideshows with music and titles. Users can locate these creations in their Google Photos library by searching for “creations” or using a specific link in their browser. However, saving these creations will count towards the user’s storage allowance, so it’s important to manage and delete them as needed.

The code for the Cinematic Moments feature reveals that it will involve adding a slow-motion effect to videos, but further details are still unknown until the feature is officially enabled for users. This addition to Google Photos’ capabilities suggests a continued focus on enhancing user experience by automatically generating engaging content from stored media. By utilizing AI technology to analyze and identify key moments within videos, Google is streamlining the process of creating shareable memories and highlights from personal media libraries. Keep an eye out for the Cinematic Moments feature to be released in the near future, offering users a new way to enjoy and interact with their video content.

Overall, this new feature demonstrates Google Photos’ ongoing commitment to innovation and improving the user experience. By leveraging AI to automate the creation of compelling video clips, Google is simplifying the process of curating and sharing memorable moments captured in personal media. As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more exciting developments in the realm of digital content creation and personal storytelling. Stay tuned for updates on the release of Cinematic Moments and other enhancements to the Google Photos platform.

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