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After months of waiting, a new Dota 2 gameplay patch is finally arriving, set to be released alongside the second act of the Crownfall event. Players were teased with partial patch notes that required some visual manipulation to decipher, revealing some major changes that are coming with this update. The community has already begun speculating on what these changes could mean for the game.

Some of the changes teased in the partial patch notes include a decrease in one hero’s armor by 0.5, the ability for one hero to reveal the whole map at the start of each day, and another hero being able to use items in their backpack as if they were in their inventory. Additionally, Disruptor is getting a rework to his Kinetic Field ability, while Life Stealer will permanently gain something whenever he kills a creep. There is also a tease for a hero that can no longer be silenced, leading many to believe this is a buff for Silencer.

Towards the end of the teased patch notes, there is a change that could potentially be hinting at the arrival of a new Dota 2 hero, Ringmaster. The change states that enemies with a certain attribute cannot see their allies, which does not align with any current abilities or items in the game. This could potentially be a debuff that Ringmaster can place on enemies with one of his abilities, as his teaser trailer showed him trapping a hero.

While all of these changes are still speculation, the Dota 2 community won’t have to wait long to find out the truth as the new patch is set to launch today. Fans are eagerly anticipating the massive changes that will come with this update, which is sure to shake up the gameplay and strategy of the popular MOBA game. Stay tuned for more information as the patch is released and players begin to explore all of the new additions and tweaks that have been implemented.

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