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College wrestlers Aaron Brooks and David Carr used the NCAA Championships as a platform to show their support for Jesus Christ by wearing headbands with the message “100% Jesus.” Brooks, from Penn State, and Carr, from Iowa State, both won national championships at the tournament. Brooks became a four-time NCAA champion along with his teammate Carter Starocci, while Carr secured a title in the 165-pound weight class. Both wrestlers expressed their faith openly and credited God for their success on the mat.

Brooks defeated his longtime rival Trent Hidlay from N.C. State in the finals, while Carr had to fend off a comeback attempt from Penn State’s Mitchell Mesenbrink in order to secure his victory. After their matches, both wrestlers spoke about their reliance on God and how their faith helped them remain calm and focused during the intense competition. Brooks emphasized that his faith in the Lord and the Holy Spirit kept him poised and reminded him that wrestling titles come and go, while God’s word remains forever. Carr echoed similar sentiments, giving all the glory to God for his success and attributing his focus and energy to prayer.

The wrestlers’ decision to wear headbands with a religious message sparked attention and conversation, with many applauding their courage to openly share their faith on such a prominent stage. Both Brooks and Carr made it clear that their faith in Jesus Christ was a central part of their identity and played a significant role in their athletic achievements. By openly proclaiming their beliefs, they hoped to inspire others and demonstrate the importance of faith in their lives.

Brooks and Carr are now part of an exclusive club of four-time NCAA champions, joining their coach Cael Sanderson in this prestigious accomplishment. Their dedication, hard work, and unwavering faith have propelled them to the top of their sport, and they are now recognized as among the best college wrestlers in the country. Their performances at the NCAA Championships not only showcased their athletic talent but also brought attention to their faith and the role it plays in their lives.

In a post-match press conference, both Brooks and Carr reiterated their gratitude to God for their success and emphasized the importance of faith in their wrestling careers. They expressed their belief that their achievements were not just the result of their own efforts but also a manifestation of God’s blessings and guidance. By sharing their faith openly and unapologetically, Brooks and Carr hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams with conviction and trust in a higher power. Their message of faith and dedication serves as a reminder of the role that spirituality can play in achieving greatness in sports and in life.

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