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Rachel Maddow of MSNBC joined the resistance against NBC’s decision to hire Ronna McDaniel, former chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, as an on-air contributor. Maddow expressed her disbelief at the decision to hire McDaniel, who previously supported former President Donald Trump’s claims of a stolen 2020 election, during an election year. She compared the decision to hiring a mobster to work in a district attorney’s office, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

McDaniel, who recently resigned from her position as RNC chair, had the backing of Trump and supported claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election. Maddow and other MSNBC personalities criticized NBC’s decision to hire McDaniel, with Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe referring to her as an “anti-democracy election denier.” Maddow noted that staff members at MSNBC had raised concerns about McDaniel’s hiring and were told that she would not be appearing on their network as a result.

Calls for a boycott of NBC arose after longtime NBCUniversal senior executive Mike Sington urged viewers to boycott the network’s flagship show, Meet the Press, where McDaniel was scheduled to make an appearance. Despite denouncing the January 6 violence at the U.S. Capitol and acknowledging President Biden’s victory in the 2020 election, McDaniel’s past support of Trump’s election claims raised concerns among NBC staff and viewers.

Maddow emphasized that the issue was not about partisanship or political affiliations, but about the integrity of the democratic process. She highlighted the importance of upholding the system of government and preventing the undermining of elections in the country. Describing the current political climate as challenging, Maddow stressed the need for clarity and vigilance in recognizing the implications of such decisions.

NBC News was contacted for comment on the matter, but did not respond. Maddow’s stance against McDaniel’s hiring reflects a broader resistance within MSNBC and among viewers who oppose the network’s decision to offer a platform to someone with a contentious political background. The controversy surrounding McDaniel’s appointment underscores the ongoing tensions and divisions within the media landscape and American society as a whole.

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