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In a Georgia court filing, the estranged wife of ex-special prosecutor Nathan Wade claimed that his resignation from his post at the Fulton County District Attorney’s office has caused a substantial change in circumstance that renders him unable to meet his financial obligations in their divorce proceedings. Wade had been hired in 2021 by DA Fani Willis to help prosecute a case of election interference against former President Trump. The couple has been facing legal issues following allegations of an improper affair between Willis and Wade. In response to his resignation, Wade’s wife sought updated financial documentation from Fulton County regarding his employment as a Special Assistant District Attorney, alleging that he had consistently failed to provide accurate information in their divorce proceedings.

In an emergency motion filed by Nathan Wade on April 8 to modify his payment agreement to his estranged wife, it was revealed that he had received two checks totaling $53,000 from Fulton County just three days before filing his motion. The filing accuses Wade of deceitfulness, as the checks were issued for work performed in October and November of 2023, before his resignation in March 2024. This has raised questions about further outstanding payments due to Wade that may not have been disbursed to him as of the current date. The abrupt nature of the resignation and subsequent financial issues have added to the complications in the divorce proceedings between Nathan Wade and his wife.

Following the allegations of financial deceit, Nathan Wade’s wife accused him of failing to pay court-ordered expenses and suggested that he should be held in contempt of court. She claimed that his negligence in paying medical expenses has contributed to her deteriorating health condition, which may necessitate emergency medical intervention. The court filing stated that the wife urgently requires medical procedures such as an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and ultrasound due to severe physical symptoms that have impacted her ability to consume food and led to substantial weight loss. These financial and medical issues have further strained the already contentious divorce proceedings between the couple.

Nathan Wade recently broke his silence in an interview with ABC News, where he described his workplace romance with Fani Willis as “American as apple pie.” Despite acknowledging that he regretted the relationship as it became the focus of the case, Wade expressed a nonchalant attitude towards workplace romances, stating that they are common occurrences. House Republicans have invited Wade to interview with the House Judiciary Committee, with Chairman Jim Jordan highlighting the importance of questioning his role in the high-profile case related to election interference. The ongoing controversies surrounding Nathan Wade’s resignation, financial issues, and personal relationship with Fani Willis have drawn significant attention and scrutiny from various parties involved in the legal proceedings.

The dynamics of workplace romances and conflicts of interest have been at the center of the legal battle involving Nathan Wade and Fani Willis in the case of election interference against former President Trump. The allegations of an improper affair between them have led to repercussions such as Wade’s resignation and financial issues in his divorce proceedings. The legal dispute between Wade and his estranged wife over financial obligations, medical expenses, and contempt of court allegations has further complicated the situation. As questions continue to arise regarding Nathan Wade’s actions leading up to his resignation, the scrutiny surrounding his role in the high-profile case intensifies, with House Republicans calling for further investigation into his conduct. The fallout from the workplace relationship and ensuing legal issues has left a trail of controversy and uncertainty in the ongoing legal proceedings.

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