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Losing faith in a relationship after discovering a partner’s long-term affair can be devastating. In a letter to Dear Abby, a woman from Missouri shared her experience of finding out that her husband had been having an affair with his old school sweetheart for two years. When confronted, he confessed to the affair but downplayed its duration. However, the mistress revealed that the affair had actually been going on for 20 years. Despite the mistress no longer wanting him due to his dishonesty, the husband expected his wife to move past the situation and return to normal. The wife struggles with the betrayal and all the things they did together, while the husband remains indifferent and insists on keeping it a secret from the family. Counseling has not helped, and she feels lost on how to move forward and rebuild trust.

Dear Abby responded by urging the woman to recognize that she is not crazy and is married to a deceitful, self-centered individual. Counseling and seeking support from friends and family is advised, as a marriage without trust is unsustainable. Separating may offer a better outcome than staying in a relationship filled with lies and betrayal. By reaching out for help and support, the woman can begin to heal and navigate the challenging situation she is facing.

In another letter, a couple shared their struggle of experiencing multiple miscarriages over a four-year period. Despite their emotional, physical, and financial challenges, they have not received substantial emotional support from their families. After the initial gestures of sympathy, the families expect the couple to participate in all family events, even when they are not feeling up to it. Feeling angry and disconnected, the woman has started distancing herself from these gatherings and wonders if this is the right decision.

Dear Abby reassured the couple that it is not wrong to prioritize their emotional well-being and skip family gatherings if they are not feeling up to it. Grief and loss do not adhere to a specific timeline, and it is important for the couple to set boundaries and take care of themselves during this difficult time. By communicating their needs and seeking understanding from their families, the couple can navigate their grief and focus on their healing journey.

Overall, both letters highlight the importance of seeking support and setting boundaries in challenging situations. Whether dealing with betrayal in a relationship or navigating the emotional toll of recurrent miscarriages, prioritizing self-care and seeking understanding from loved ones can aid in the healing process. Dear Abby offers compassionate advice and encourages individuals to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being during difficult times.

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