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Stephanie Diller, the wife of fallen NYPD officer Jonathan Diller, expresses her gratitude for the overwhelming support received by their family following his tragic death. She describes Jonathan as a hero not only in his profession but also in their family. Stephanie shares personal details about Jonathan’s background, upbringing, and their life together, highlighting his infectious personality and their loving relationship.

She reminisces about their courtship, marriage, and the joy of becoming parents to their son Ryan. Stephanie describes Jonathan as a devoted husband and father, always putting their family first. She reflects on the shared moments and the strong bond they had as a couple, emphasizing the deep love and respect they had for each other. The loss of Jonathan is described as devastating for the family, friends, and the entire city of New York.

Stephanie acknowledges the outpouring of support and the recognition of Jonathan as a hero by thousands across the country. She recounts the simple life they led in Massapequa, their love for each other, and their son Ryan. Stephanie expresses her gratitude for being able to experience true love and the happiness Jonathan brought into their lives. She shares her hopes for Ryan’s future and the pain of raising their son without his father.

Following Jonathan’s death, Stephanie expresses a call for change to protect the lives of police officers and their families. She shares her grief, the everlasting impact of Jonathan’s loss, and the immense love and respect they had for him. Stephanie encourages others to continue supporting the families of fallen officers through organizations like the Silver Shield Foundation. She concludes by honoring Jonathan as a hero both in life and in death, expressing her deep love and gratitude for the time they had together.

In memory of fallen NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, Stephanie Diller shares personal anecdotes and details about their life together, emphasizing Jonathan’s role as a loving husband, father, and dedicated police officer. Stephanie expresses her gratitude for the support received following Jonathan’s tragic death and reflects on the impact he had on their family and the community. She highlights the love, respect, and admiration they shared, describing Jonathan as a true hero in their eyes.

Stephanie calls for change to protect the lives of police officers and their families, sharing her grief and the lasting impact of Jonathan’s loss. She encourages others to support initiatives like the Silver Shield Foundation and honor the memory of fallen officers. Stephanie expresses her hopes for the future, her pride in Jonathan’s legacy, and her enduring love for him. She reflects on the pain of raising their son without his father and pays tribute to Jonathan as a hero who captured not only her heart but also the hearts of many.

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