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In 2024, the author decided to simplify their skincare routine after realizing that their extensive regimen was causing more harm than good. They turned to expert advice and decided to focus on the essentials: a cleanser, serum, face cream, toner, and SPF. By cutting out harsh ingredients and focusing on gentle products, the author’s skin improved dramatically, becoming plumper, bouncier, and softer. Dermatologists explained that minimizing potentially irritating products can balance natural oils and improve hydration levels, leading to healthier skin overall.

The author’s simplified routine starts with a gentle cleanser in the morning and a double cleanse at night to remove makeup. They then use a toner to balance pH levels and boost hydration, followed by a vitamin C serum in the morning and a hydrating serum at night. For nighttime, the author incorporates retinol creams or exfoliating treatments to improve skin texture. Finally, they seal in all the goodness from their previous steps with a moisturizer and finish off with sunscreen in the morning to protect their skin from UV damage.

The author’s favorite products include Bioderma micellar water for cleansing, Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait Elixir Lotion and Ilia The Base Face Milk for toning, SkinCeuticals Silymarin CF and Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum for morning serums, and Olehenriksen Dewtopia 20% PHA/AHA Retexturizing Night Serum and Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3 Serum for night serums. For moisturizer, the author likes Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Cooling Gel Moisturizer for Redness and Irene Forte Hibiscus Night Cream. Their go-to sunscreens are Chanel UV Essentiel Complete UV Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 50 and La Roche-Posay Anthelios Light Fluid Face Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 60.

By sticking to this simplified routine, the author has seen a significant improvement in their skin, with fewer blemishes and less oiliness. They emphasize the importance of consistency in skincare and how a streamlined routine can lead to better adherence to essential steps, resulting in improved skin health over time. The author’s journey highlights the benefits of cutting out unnecessary steps and focusing on the basics to achieve healthy, radiant skin.

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