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Morgan Metzer found herself in a harrowing situation when a masked intruder broke into her home on New Year’s Day in 2021, beating, binding, and sexually assaulting her, which she believed was an attempt by her ex-husband to win her back. The attacker, who used a voice distortion tool to sound like “something out of Batman,” left her nearly choked to death before abruptly stopping the assault and fleeing the scene, leaving her with the suspicion that it was indeed her former spouse behind the traumatizing incident based on his comments before leaving. Despite being bound and half-naked outside, she managed to stay awake, fearing she would die from head trauma, and was eventually rescued by her ex-husband.

Rodney, her ex-husband, had quickly come to her aid after allegedly being tipped off by a stranger about the break-in, but the police grew suspicious of his swift arrival and found evidence that implicated him in the assault. Surveillance footage showed him purchasing zip ties, identical to the ones used on Morgan, and searches on his electronic devices raised further red flags regarding his intentions. Rodney had manipulatively pursued her after their divorce, even faking a cancer diagnosis to elicit sympathy, and ultimately resorted to a violent plan to win her back, which ended in his arrest.

Despite what seemed like a loving relationship on the surface, Morgan and Rodney’s history was fraught with manipulation and toxicity, with Rodney often gaslighting her into believing she was the aggressor in their relationship. They had lost a child and later became parents to twins, but their marriage ended in divorce in December of 2020. Rodney’s actions were indicative of a deep-seated need for control and manipulation, evidenced by his elaborate schemes to win her back, culminating in a violent attack that almost cost Morgan her life.

Following his arrest, Rodney pleaded guilty to multiple charges related to the assault and was sentenced to 70 years in jail, with 25 to be served in prison and the remaining on probation. The Assistant District Attorney described him as a master manipulator who faked a cancer diagnosis and planned to harm his ex-wife before his own demise. Fortunately, law enforcement was able to intervene before his plans escalated further, bringing him to justice for his heinous actions. Morgan’s ordeal highlights the devastating impact of domestic violence and the lengths to which some individuals will go to control and harm their partners.

In the aftermath of the attack, Morgan spoke out about the abuse she endured and the manipulation she faced throughout her relationship with Rodney. She emphasized the need for awareness and support for survivors of domestic violence and the importance of recognizing warning signs of abusive behavior. Despite the trauma she experienced, she has shown resilience and courage in sharing her story and seeking justice for the crimes committed against her. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the lasting effects of domestic violence and the urgent need for resources to support victims and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. Through her strength and determination, Morgan continues to advocate for herself and others who have faced similar abuse.

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