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The mother of a 14-year-old boy who died after a medical emergency on an American Airlines flight is suing the airline, claiming that a faulty defibrillator was used in an attempt to save her son’s life. Melissa Arzu, from the Bronx, alleges that Kevin Greenidge’s fatal incident occurred on flight 614 from Honduras to Miami in 2022 while he was returning home from vacation with a family member. The defibrillator used on Kevin has since gone missing, adding to Arzu’s frustration and feeling of hopelessness.

Arzu’s lawsuit, filed in Texas, accuses the American Airlines cabin crew of being slow to respond and inadequately trained when Kevin lost consciousness mid-flight. Witnesses on the flight also confirmed that the defibrillator used to try and resuscitate Kevin appeared not to work. This raises concerns about whether the airline intentionally destroyed the equipment, if it was defective, or if it was put back in service despite not functioning properly – all of which are violations of federal laws protecting passengers.

According to Federal Aviation Administration regulations, defibrillators have been required on all passenger aircraft since 2004 and are essential equipment that must be present and operational for a plane to be dispatched. Kevin, who had asthma and type 2 diabetes, suffered a heart attack, listed as the primary cause of death. The lawsuit also alleges that American Airlines failed to submit an advance payment of $113,100 for Kevin’s death, disregarding company policy following a passenger’s death on board.

American Airlines has declined to comment on the lawsuit but expressed condolences for Kevin’s loved ones. Following the failed resuscitative efforts by the crew, the flight was diverted to Cancun, Mexico, where Kevin was pronounced dead in a hospital. Arzu is seeking answers and accountability from the airline, feeling abandoned and hopeless after her son’s tragic death. She wants American Airlines to take full responsibility and ensure that such a tragedy never happens to another child or family in the future.

Arzu’s attorney, Hannah Crowe, emphasized the added difficulty of the case being moved to Texas, where American Airlines is based, after the original lawsuit in New York was dismissed. Crowe stated that the airline has only worsened Arzu’s pain by forcing her to travel to Texas for the trial, making it even harder for her to cope with the trauma of losing her son. Despite the challenges, Arzu remains determined to seek justice for Kevin and hold American Airlines accountable for the mistakes and oversights that led to her son’s death.

The lawsuit, which raises serious concerns about the airline’s response to medical emergencies on board, demands transparency and accountability from American Airlines. Arzu’s allegations and the disappearance of the defibrillator highlight the need for proper equipment and trained staff on flights to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers. As the legal proceedings continue, Arzu hopes to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Kevin’s death and prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future. It is a tragic case that underscores the importance of proper emergency protocols and equipment on flights to prevent unnecessary loss of life.

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