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Bernie Moreno, a Senate Republican candidate in Ohio backed by Donald Trump, recently won a tough primary race but refused to confirm whether he believes the 2020 presidential election was stolen. When pressed on the issue, Moreno dodged the question and emphasized the importance of focusing on the future rather than dwelling on past controversies. He expressed that the people in Ohio are more concerned about everyday issues like the cost of French fries at McDonald’s rather than rehashing election disputes.

Despite releasing a campaign ad in January where he claimed that President Trump was right about the election being stolen, Moreno avoided giving a straight answer when questioned directly about the issue. He emphasized that the topic was not a priority for voters in Ohio and appeared to be focused on uniting the Republican Party for the upcoming general election. Moreno’s victory in the primary over more establishment Republican candidates like Matt Dolan suggests that he has significant support within the party, which he believes will help him win the race.

During a meeting with Senate Republicans, Moreno discussed his recent primary win and expressed his intention to work as a positive colleague to help the party regain the majority. He highlighted the importance of bringing the entirety of the Republican Party together to support his candidacy, contrasting this approach with the perceived lack of unity among Democrats. Moreno appeared confident in his ability to unify the party and secure victory in the upcoming election, emphasizing the spirited debate within the Republican Party as a strength.

Overall, Moreno’s refusal to definitively state his beliefs about the 2020 election being stolen reflects a desire to focus on the future and prioritize issues that matter to the voters in Ohio. His victory in the primary and support from both grassroots and establishment Republicans suggest that he has a strong chance of winning the general election. By emphasizing unity within the party and attacking the perceived division among Democrats, Moreno is positioning himself as a candidate who can bring Republicans together and secure victory in Ohio. Ultimately, his ability to rally support and present a united front may determine his success in the upcoming election.

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