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In Sunday’s Connections game, players are presented with a grid of 16 words and must arrange them into four groups of four by figuring out the links between them. The groups can range from horror movie franchises to types of verbs or rappers. Each group is color coded, with the yellow group being the easiest and the purple group being the hardest and often involving wordplay. Players can shuffle words to see links between them and can submit their guesses, with incorrect guesses resulting in losing a life.

Among the words for today’s Connections game are CARPENTER, PUPPET, MAGIC, UNDERWEAR, TOOL, WOO, CAPE, BAY, CHARM, PAWN, MASK, INSTRUMENT, TIGHTS, SPELL, SCOTT, and HEX. With hints provided for each group, players are tasked with figuring out the connections between the words in order to place them into the appropriate groups. Today’s groups include the sorcerer’s output, one being manipulated, classic superhero wear, and action movie directors.

Today’s Connections answers reveal the solutions for the groups, which include sorcerer’s output (CHARM, HEX, MAGIC, SPELL), one being manipulated (INSTRUMENT, PAWN, PUPPET, TOOL), classic superhero wear (CAPE, MASK, TIGHTS, UNDERWEAR), and action movie directors (BAY, CARPENTER, SCOTT, WOO). The author of the article shares their successful completion of the puzzle, discussing their thought process and connections made between the words to arrive at the correct groups.

The author’s success in completing the puzzle results in a three-day winning streak, with their method of solving the puzzle highlighted. They reflect on their initial thoughts when seeing certain words together, their strategy for tackling the groups, and their satisfaction in correctly identifying the connections just before submitting the final group. The mention of specific action movie directors, such as John Carpenter and John Woo, adds depth to the discussion of the Connections game and showcases the variety of possible connections between the words.

The article concludes by encouraging readers to check back for hints and the solution for the next day’s Connections game. The author also shares a personal note about the movie “Face/Off” directed by John Woo and its entertainment value, highlighting the performances of actors Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. Overall, the article provides an engaging and informative overview of the Connections game, offering insights into the thought process and strategies used to successfully complete the puzzle.

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