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A new kind of beer is being brewed in New Brunswick with the goal of helping Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the front lines. Oleg Kvasha from the Ukrainian Club of Moncton has partnered with Moncton’s O’Creek Brewing Company to create a batch of Ukrainian beer named after the courageous Kozaks – Ukrainian soldiers from many centuries ago. The Kozaks were known for their bravery and fighting for freedom, much like the modern-day soldiers still fighting for their homeland. This new brew is called “a taste of freedom” in honor of these soldiers.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the beer will be used to support both Ukrainians who have fled the conflict to settle in Canada and those still fighting in Ukraine. Specific supplies like medical first aid kits and protective armor will be purchased for the soldiers on the front lines. Patrice Daigle, the owner of the microbrewery, intentionally sourced ingredients to ensure the beer is authentic, including Ukrainian hops used in the pale lager. Daigle expressed gratitude for being able to support not only the soldiers but also Ukrainians in Canada who still have family in Ukraine.

Kvasha, who has family in Ukraine, shared that it is heartbreaking to see people there living in fear. He recounted a friend’s experience of spending the night in a bomb shelter in Ukraine. He hopes that other microbreweries across Canada will follow Daigle’s recipe and brew their own batches of Kozak lager. By sharing the recipes and the idea with other local breweries, Kvasha believes that more money can be collected to support the Ukrainian soldiers and community, both in Canada and back home in Ukraine.

The collaboration between the Ukrainian Club of Moncton and O’Creek Brewing Company provides a unique way to show support for Ukrainian soldiers and the community. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between past and present, honoring the legacy of courageous soldiers like the Kozaks while helping those currently defending their country. By purchasing the Ukrainian beer, consumers can contribute to the cause and provide much-needed support to those impacted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The “taste of freedom” beer not only serves as a fundraiser but also as a symbol of solidarity and remembrance for the sacrifices made by Ukrainian soldiers. Through this project, individuals in Canada can directly impact the lives of those affected by the conflict in Ukraine, providing essential supplies and support to those on the front lines. As the initiative gains momentum, with the hope of inspiring other breweries to join the cause, the impact of this collaboration can potentially grow, offering greater assistance to Ukrainian soldiers and refugees in need.

Overall, the brewing of Ukrainian beer in New Brunswick represents a powerful initiative that combines the art of craft brewing with meaningful support for a noble cause. By honoring the bravery of past and present Ukrainian soldiers through the creation of “a taste of freedom” beer, this project stands as a testament to solidarity and generosity. Through ongoing efforts to involve more microbreweries and raise funds for Ukrainian soldiers and refugees, this endeavor carries the potential to make a significant impact and provide vital assistance to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

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