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It’s been a crypto-rific week for most traders.    The success of most cryptocurrencies in the past week’s bull run have placed all eyes on Bitcoin (BTC) and top altcoins.    However, through the madness of the bull run, some investors have still been Dollars Cost Averaging into a particular token presale.  That consistent flow of investments has now pushed that new ICO, for the Mollars token, past the milestone of 51% of the presale token supply being sold out.

The total number of Mollars tokens pre-sold to investors now stands at 2,045,322.  

This crypto ICO is in its fourth round of six that will be held.   One $Mollars token, during the discounted presale offering, costs traders  $0.50 [cents].   The price per coin will go up to $0.55 [cents] after 2.2-million tokens have been sold.

How many tokens are left in the presale Hard Cap?

The hard cap or total token supply offered during this cryptocurrency presale is 4-million tokens.   Only 1,954,678 tokens remain for crypto investors looking to join this virally trending crypto opportunity.

The recent growth in tokens pre-sold reportedly came after a massive $17K purchase from one former Shiba Inu (SHIB) investor triggered a major migration of other ShibArmy members.  Even before the migration however, the presale had already sold over 1-million tokens.

While Bitcoin maximalists have been excited about the possibility of $BTC reaching a new all-time high of $90,000, Mollars token presale buyers have bigger gains in mind.    

Crypto AnalystMade Massive Profit Predictions 

DeFi analysts of various sources have suggested the $MOLLARS token could outperform most tokens this year in terms of ROI yields.    

CryptoNews’ YouTube show host reported that their analysts could see an explosive 20x or +2000% in value from the current price point.  

Another report suggests the new store-of-value token could begin on a price trajectory similar to Bitcoin in its earlier years, returning $138K per $100 invested in the long haul.

The listing day price of $Mollars on crypto exchanges has also been clarified, with it to go live on public exchanges at the price of $0.62 [cents].  This 12-cent growth is a 24% increase in value.

A Healthy Return, Bitcoin at $90k Still Unlikely To Yield Higher Profits Than Mollars 

In comparison, Bitcoin, which went on a wonderful bull ride for investors this past 2 weeks, still has only increased in value by +28% over the last month.  To make it to the ‘holy grail’ ATH of $90,000 that $BTC traders are wishing for, would only be a +36% increase. 

While both are healthy returns, if CryptoNews projection for Mollars first ATH materializes in May [2024] after the token presale’s close, the difference is night and day; Bitcoin investors would get -1965% less than those that hold $MOLLARS initial coin offering tokens.

How To Get Free Bitcoins

A secondary play that many ICO investors may make is  taking some of those Mollars gains  to buy into Bitcoin (BTC), after the halving and expected price correction;  And without spending their own money.

Other factors that could create an even more positive scenario is the launch of the Mollars.CC crypto exchange.   The $MOLLARS coin will be the native coin for a decentralized exchange [DEX] that should be launching in the next 3 months as well.

Mollars token will be a layer 2, ERC-20 cryptocurrency, on the Ethereum-Blockchain.   It’s a deflationary store-of-value token just like Bitcoin (BTC).  However, it will complete buy-sell-trade transactions for under [an expected] -80% less than what Bitcoin-Blockchain averaged last year

Mollars Has  A Huge Following;  Brand Value Exploding

This massive savings for the SOV token is what’s drawing major interests from key crypto investors, whales and sharks, down to the shrimps.   

A whopping 16,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts are following official social media profiles of Mollars token, suggesting it has stable branding value and equity.  On YouTube, nearly 8000 subscribers are watching for updates on $MOLLARS.   On reddit there’s another 2.1K and on X [formerly twitter], nearly 6000.

These followers appear to be natural, with much conversation being held on the different platforms from active members.     


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