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In Ephesians 3:14-17, St. Paul writes about bowing before the Father and asking for strength through his Spirit. These verses are interpreted by Rev. Hans Fiene as a reminder of the importance of fathers, especially on Father’s Day. Fiene argues against atheists who claim that it is arrogant to believe in a loving God given the vast universe, suggesting that those arguments may stem from a lack of a loving father figure in their lives.

According to Fiene, St. Paul’s assertion that every family is named after God implies that earthly fathers are meant to reflect the love of our Heavenly Father. A good father’s love, protection, and sacrifices help children understand the love of God, who sacrificed his Son for them. However, when fathers fail to demonstrate love, children may struggle to comprehend the concept of a loving God, potentially leading to despair and a sense of insignificance.

Fiene points out that the relationship between earthly fathers and their children can influence one’s perception of God as a loving and caring Father. If someone has been mistreated or abandoned by their father, they may struggle to believe in a loving God who cares for them. This lack of a positive father figure can affect one’s ability to see themselves as valuable and loved by their Heavenly Father.

The pastor emphasizes the importance of fathers demonstrating love and sacrifice to their children, as this can lead to a better understanding of God’s love and sacrifice through Jesus Christ. He encourages fathers to embody this love on Father’s Day and strive to reflect the love of the Heavenly Father to their children. Fiene also prays for those who have been hurt by their fathers, asking for healing and the revelation of God’s infinite love through Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, Fiene asserts that it is not difficult to believe in a loving God who created the universe and sacrificed for humanity when one has experienced love and sacrifice from a father figure. He encourages all fathers to exemplify the love of the Heavenly Father and prays for healing and peace for those who have been wounded by their earthly fathers. Ultimately, the relationship with earthly fathers can shape one’s understanding of God as a loving and caring Father.

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