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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is taking action against the city of Kansas City for revealing the residence of Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker on social media, which Bailey believes was done in retaliation for Butker’s expression of his religious beliefs. The city’s social media account leaked Butker’s location following a commencement speech he gave at a Catholic school, where he spoke about his Catholic faith and his views on abortion and LGBTQ issues. Bailey has requested records related to the management of the city’s social media account, citing a violation of Butker’s constitutional rights and the Missouri Human Rights Act.

Butker’s speech at Benedictine College sparked controversy, with some criticizing his views on gender roles and LGBTQ issues. However, Bailey defended Butker’s right to express his religious beliefs, emphasizing that he was speaking to a specific audience at a Catholic institution. In response to the controversy, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas apologized for the inappropriate post and promised to review account access to prevent similar incidents in the future. Bailey expressed concern that the mayor’s review could be an attempt to hide information from his office and called for those responsible for the post to be fired.

Bailey is determined to hold the city of Kansas City accountable for the violation of Butker’s rights, stating that anyone involved in the post should be terminated immediately. He has demanded records and documents related to the management of the city’s social media account and plans to investigate the matter further. Bailey believes that Butker has a potential cause of action against the city, and he is concerned about the lack of controls in place to prevent the government from being used to infringe on individual rights. The mayor’s office has not yet responded to requests for comment from Fox News Digital.

Bailey’s actions are rooted in his commitment to protecting individuals’ rights to freely express their religious beliefs, as guaranteed by the constitution and state law. He views the city’s leaking of Butker’s personal information as a blatant violation of these rights and is determined to ensure accountability for those responsible. By calling for a thorough investigation and demanding transparency from the city, Bailey aims to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future and uphold the principles of religious freedom and individual rights for all citizens.

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