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Mischa Zverev expressed excitement at the opportunity to see Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka, whom he referred to as “both legends,” play on Day 1 of the French Open at Roland-Garros. Murray and Wawrinka are both potentially in their final seasons as professional tennis players, with speculation that 37-year-old Murray may step back from the sport after an appearance at Wimbledon. Wawrinka, who is two years older than Murray, has also struggled with injuries throughout his career. Despite their challenges, both players have three Grand Slam titles to their names.

The two veterans will play on Philippe-Chatrier as the last match on the court for the opening day’s play, with Zverev reflecting on their standing in the sport. He highlighted the fact that both Murray and Wawrinka have achieved similar levels of success, with Murray being part of the esteemed Big Four group along with Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. Zverev noted that Murray’s decision to switch racquet manufacturers after 20 years of using the same brand is surprising for a professional tennis player, and may indicate his ongoing dedication to improving his game.

Murray used the injury layoff he took in March after the Miami Open as an opportunity to experiment with a new racquet, moving from Head to the Yonex brand. His new model, the Ezone 100, features a different shape and is larger in size, potentially offering him more power on the court. Zverev praised Murray for his willingness to try new things and continue working towards becoming a better player. The German player’s admiration for Murray and Wawrinka was evident as he discussed their respective careers and achievements.

As Murray and Wawrinka take to the court on Day 1 of the French Open, there is a sense of anticipation surrounding their performances and what they can bring to the tournament. Fans and fellow players alike are rooting for the two veterans as they showcase their skills and determination at Roland-Garros. Zverev’s comments highlight the respect and admiration that Murray and Wawrinka command within the tennis community, as they continue to defy expectations and push themselves to excel despite the challenges they have faced.

The French Open offers a platform for Murray and Wawrinka to demonstrate their enduring talent and competitive spirit as they compete against the best in the world. Their matches on Day 1 of the tournament will be a testament to their resilience and dedication to the sport, showcasing the longevity of their careers and the impact they have had on tennis as a whole. As they step onto the court at Roland-Garros, Murray and Wawrinka are sure to inspire fans and fellow players with their performances and the legacy they have built throughout their careers.

Tennis enthusiasts can catch every moment of the 2024 French Open live and on-demand on discovery+, providing an opportunity to witness Murray, Wawrinka, and other top players in action throughout the tournament. With the excitement and anticipation surrounding the event, viewers can look forward to thrilling matches and memorable moments as the competition unfolds at Roland-Garros. Murray and Wawrinka’s participation in the tournament adds another layer of intrigue and excitement, as fans eagerly await their performances on one of tennis’ biggest stages.

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