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More than 400,000 public sector workers in NSW, including nurses and police officers, are set to receive a wage rise of 10.5 per cent over the next three years, including superannuation. The state government argues that this offer outpaces forecast inflation, with workers receiving 4 per cent in the first year, 3.5 per cent in the second, and 3 per cent in the third. This includes legislated rises in super of 0.5 per cent in July of this year and next. If inflation exceeds 4.5 per cent in any year, workers will also receive a $1000 “cost-of-living” protection payment.

The government’s pay offer has been extended to a range of public sector workers, such as nurses, cleaners, healthcare employees, firefighters, police officers, prison officers, and caseworkers. However, it does not apply to paramedics who struck a separate four-year agreement in December that resulted in an average increase of 25.5 per cent over the term of the deal. The latest offer includes the ability to negotiate productivity gains and allows the independent umpire to assess and determine union and department claims.

The Minns government argues that the offer is higher than comparable public sector wage increases in other states. It is projected to deliver wages growth that surpasses increases in the cost of living over the next three financial years, as measured by the Sydney consumer price index. The NSW Treasury’s forecast predicts the Sydney CPI to be 3.1 per cent in 2024-25, with subsequent years at 2.7 per cent and 2.5 per cent. Treasurer Daniel Mookhey stated that the three-year offer aims to improve pay and conditions for public sector workers, providing certainty for hard-working families in NSW.

The pay offer aims to create a fair framework that benefits everyone involved, according to Treasurer Mookhey. The proposal covers a significant portion of the public sector workforce in NSW and offers a substantial increase in wages over the three-year period. The agreement also includes provisions for productivity gains negotiations and for the independent umpire to assess and determine claims from both unions and departments. It is seen as a positive step towards improving pay and conditions for public sector workers across various sectors.

In addition to the wage increases, the offer includes rises in superannuation contributions to further benefit public sector workers. This aspect of the offer, along with the potential for additional cost-of-living protection payments if inflation exceeds a set threshold, provides further financial security for workers. The pay offer is intended to support hard-working individuals and families in the public sector, acknowledging their contributions and providing a framework for fair and competitive wages and conditions.

Overall, the 10.5 per cent wage increase offer for public sector workers in NSW, including important frontline workers like nurses and police officers, is designed to provide financial security and support for those contributing to essential services. The proposal includes increments over a three-year period, alongside superannuation rises and potential cost-of-living protection payments. By outpacing forecast inflation and offering higher wage growth than other states, the government aims to create a fair framework that benefits workers and their families, ensuring improved pay and conditions over the coming years.

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