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Milo Ventimiglia, known for his role as Jack Pearson on the hit show This Is Us, attended the college graduation of his on-screen son Niles Fitch, who played teen Randall on the NBC drama. Ventimiglia, along with Hannah Zeile who played teen Kate, showed up to support Fitch at the University of Southern California’s graduation ceremony. The trio posed for a candid picture together to celebrate Fitch’s achievement, with Ventimiglia and Zeile flanking him on each side. Mandy Moore, who portrayed the Pearson matriarch on the show, sent her love via Fitch’s Instagram, congratulating him on his graduation.

This Is Us followed the lives of the Pearson family, focusing on siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall, along with their parents Jack and Rebecca. The show ran from 2016 to 2022, earning multiple Emmy nominations and wins throughout its run. Fitch’s graduation was a touching moment for fans of the show, especially considering the fate of Jack Pearson on the series. Jack died after saving his family from a house fire in season 2, just weeks before his children’s high school graduations. The emotional impact of Jack’s character resonated with fans, making Fitch’s graduation feel even more special.

Ventimiglia and Moore, who played Jack and Rebecca Pearson, shared a strong bond both on and off screen. Ventimiglia admitted that he would miss Moore’s performance the most, praising her ability to embody her character with truth and authenticity. The two actors became like pseudo parents on set, with Ventimiglia taking on the role of the father figure. Despite the emotional challenges of saying goodbye to the show and their characters, Ventimiglia expressed a desire to reunite with his costars in the future.

Ventimiglia’s portrayal of Jack Pearson felt instinctual from the beginning, with the actor understanding his character’s reactions and motivations on a deep level. He felt a strong connection to Jack, knowing his backstory and personality inside and out. Ventimiglia’s decades-long career in television prepared him for the role of Jack, allowing him to fully immerse himself in the character and bring him to life on screen. The actor’s dedication to his role and his chemistry with his costars contributed to the show’s success and emotional impact on audiences.

The close-knit cast of This Is Us formed a strong bond both on and off screen, with Ventimiglia and Moore at the center of the ensemble. Their performances as Jack and Rebecca Pearson resonated with viewers, showcasing the complexities of marriage and parenthood in a realistic and heartfelt way. The show’s emotional storytelling and the actors’ authentic portrayals of their characters made it a fan favorite throughout its six-season run. Ventimiglia’s attendance at Fitch’s graduation highlighted the enduring bond between the cast members and the impact that the show had on their lives and careers.

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