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Los Angeles Angels manager Ron Washington announced that non-roster invite Miguel Sanó has made the Opening Day roster at the age of 31. Sanó, who had a successful career with the Minnesota Twins as a power hitter, faced setbacks due to injuries that limited his playing time. However, after focusing on his health and playing in winter ball in the Dominican Republic, the Angels signed him to a minor league deal this offseason. Sanó impressed during spring training with his power, earning his spot on the roster.

Sanó’s versatility will be a valuable asset to the Angels this season. He can play at third base, potentially filling in for the injury-prone Anthony Rendon. The team also has young first baseman Nolan Schanuel, who has limited experience in the major leagues. With Shohei Ohtani’s departure, the designated hitter spot is open, providing another opportunity for Sanó to contribute his power to the lineup. While the team has not outlined specific plans for how they will use Sanó this season, they have multiple options to maximize his production on the field.

Washington praised Sanó for his hard work and dedication, stating that he has earned his place on the team’s roster. Despite facing challenges in recent years, Sanó’s performance in spring training demonstrated his potential to make a significant impact for the Angels this season. His ability to hit for power and contribute defensively at multiple positions makes him a valuable addition to the roster as the team prepares for the start of the regular season.

Sanó’s journey from dealing with injuries and struggles with the Twins to earning a spot on the Angels’ roster showcases his resilience and determination. After a difficult season in 2022, he focused on improving his health and conditioning, leading to a successful showing during spring training. The Angels’ decision to add him to the 40-man roster reflects their confidence in his abilities and potential to contribute to the team’s success this season.

As the Angels prepare for Opening Day, Sanó’s presence on the roster adds depth and versatility to the team’s lineup. Whether he is filling in at third base, first base, or serving as the designated hitter, Sanó’s power hitting and defensive skills will be valuable assets for the team. With Washington’s endorsement and the support of his teammates, Sanó is poised to make a strong comeback and make a meaningful impact for the Angels in the upcoming season. His journey from adversity to earning a spot on the roster is a testament to his resilience and determination in the face of challenges.

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