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An Alabama middle school assistant principal, Keante Harris, along with three others, has been arrested in connection to a 2013 cold case triple murder in Georgia. The victims, Cheryl Colquitt-Thompson, Quinones King, and Rodney Cottrell, were found dead in an abandoned vehicle in Fulton County. The suspects are accused of luring the victims to a home in Jonesboro, Georgia, where they were forced inside at gunpoint before being placed in the back seat of the vehicle. The victims died from asphyxiation and strangulation, but authorities have not yet revealed a motive or further details about the torture and killings.

The suspects were taken into custody without incident across Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Keante Harris, who worked as an assistant principal at McAdory Middle School, now faces three counts of malice murder. Prior to the arrest, Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin issued a statement confirming Harris’ employment within the school system, but noted that the charges were unrelated to his role in the district. The school district is currently gathering information about the situation and working to understand the specifics of the case.

The announcement of the arrests came from Clayton County Sheriff Levon Allen, who revealed that the bodies were discovered on the side of a highway inside the abandoned Dodge Charger. The victims were identified as Cheryl Colquitt-Thompson, her uncle Quinones King, and Rodney Cottrell. Medical examiners determined the causes of death for each victim, shedding light on the brutality of the crimes. The circumstances surrounding the torture and killings have not been fully detailed by authorities, but Cottrell’s family has expressed their belief that the victims were visiting family members of Colquitt-Thompson and King at the time of their deaths.

The case, which had remained unsolved for several years, took a significant turn with the arrests of Harris, Kevin Harris, Darrell Harris, and Kenneth Thompson in connection to the triple murder. The suspects now face serious charges related to the malice murder of the three victims. The community and authorities are still reeling from the shocking revelation of the arrests and the details of the brutal crimes that took place in 2013. As the investigation continues, more information may come to light regarding the motives behind the killings and the events that led to the tragic deaths of Cheryl Colquitt-Thompson, Quinones King, and Rodney Cottrell.

The impact of the arrests extends beyond the local community, as the case has garnered attention from news outlets and surrounding areas. The involvement of an assistant principal in such a heinous crime has shocked many, prompting questions about how such individuals could be tied to such horrific acts. As the legal process unfolds and the suspects face justice for their alleged roles in the triple murder, the victims’ families and the community at large will be hoping for answers and closure. The case serves as a stark reminder of the complexities of human behavior and the capacity for violence that can exist within individuals, even those in positions of authority and trust.

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