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Speaker 1 introduces the concept of distributed AI and the new category of devices called co-Pilot plus PCs. These PCs will harness the power of the cloud and the edge to create a more immersive and intelligent computing experience. By combining AI with the capabilities of Windows, these devices aim to transform the way we interact with technology.

Speaker 2 highlights the technical advancements in the new co-Pilot plus PCs, emphasizing their performance, AI capabilities, and unique features. These PCs are designed to be thin, light, and powerful, offering the fastest Windows experience ever. Microsoft copilot is introduced as an AI companion that enhances productivity, creativity, and communication through personalized and helpful interactions.

Speaker 3 showcases a demo of copilot in action, assisting a user in the game Minecraft. The AI companion demonstrates its ability to understand context, provide relevant suggestions, and adapt to unexpected situations, showcasing its potential to enhance the overall Windows experience. Integrating OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology further enhances copilot’s capabilities in text, voice, and vision tasks.

Speaker 5 delves into the technical specifications of copilot plus PCs, highlighting the neural processing unit’s capabilities and energy efficiency. These PCs are optimized for AI performance, offering lightning-fast operations while conserving power. The collaboration with Qualcomm to develop a new chip for copilot plus PCs on the arm architecture results in superior battery life and performance compared to competitors.

Speaker 6 introduces the first-ever copilot plus PCs from Surface, including the Surface laptop and Surface Pro. These devices are engineered to be the ultimate copilot plus PCs, featuring powerful performance, extended battery life, and sleek designs. The Surface laptop is 80% faster than previous generations, while the Surface Pro offers leading performance with AI enhancements, ultra-flexible design, and advanced camera capabilities.

Speaker 7 highlights the key features of the new Surface laptop and Surface Pro, focusing on their unmatched performance, battery life, AI experiences, and design improvements. The Surface laptop boasts significant speed enhancements and doubled battery life compared to its predecessor, making it a top choice for productivity and efficiency. The new Surface Pro offers enhanced performance, connectivity options, and camera features in a versatile and adaptable design, setting a new standard for two-in-one devices.

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