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Former President Donald Trump should be concerned about his upcoming hush-money criminal trial in New York, according to his former attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen, who served as Trump’s personal lawyer for over a decade, stated during an interview that Trump should be worried about the evidence and testimony that will be presented by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in the trial, which is set to begin in three weeks. Cohen emphasized that the case is based on documentary evidence and corroborating testimony that paints a damaging picture for Trump.

Cohen expressed confidence in the evidence against Trump, stating that the documents and testimonies do not lie and will not be favorable to the former president. He warned that Trump should be worried about the information that will be presented in court and how it will impact his legal standing. The hush-money trial in New York is expected to shed light on Trump’s involvement in payments made to silence women who claimed to have had affairs with him, potentially implicating him in criminal activities.

The trial represents a significant legal challenge for Trump, who has faced multiple legal battles since leaving office. Cohen’s remarks suggest that the evidence against Trump is compelling and could have serious implications for his legal defense. The trial is likely to attract significant media attention and further scrutiny of Trump’s actions during his time in office and beyond, adding to the pressure on the former president.

As the trial approaches, Trump’s legal team will need to prepare a robust defense to counter the evidence and testimonies presented by prosecutors. The outcome of the trial could have far-reaching consequences for Trump and his political future, as well as potentially impacting his business interests and public image. The hush-money trial in New York is just one of the legal challenges facing Trump, who continues to be embroiled in various legal disputes and investigations.

Overall, the comments made by Michael Cohen highlight the seriousness of the hush-money trial for Trump and the potential consequences of the evidence that will be presented. The trial represents a significant legal test for Trump and his legal team, as they must navigate a complex case based on documentary evidence and testimonies that could be damaging to his defense. As the trial unfolds, the public will be watching closely to see how Trump responds to the allegations and evidence presented against him, and what impact it may have on his future endeavors.

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