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The New York Mets are experiencing a rough stretch in MLB, with a 9-22 record over their last 31 games. A late-inning meltdown led to a loss against the San Francisco Giants, with broadcasters describing the feeling among fans as catastrophic. Edwin Diaz’s struggles with blown saves have been a significant factor in the team’s recent losses, causing frustration among Mets legends like Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling. The Mets are currently on a five-game losing streak and are nine games under .500, sitting second-to-last in the NL East.

Despite the difficult start to the season, the Mets are a talented team on paper and still have plenty of games left to turn things around. The 162-game season offers opportunities for the team to improve, and fans are hopeful that the Mets can bounce back from their current slump. Broadcaster Gary Cohen reminded fans to stay optimistic, acknowledging the challenges faced by the team while also emphasizing that there are more games ahead to make things right. The Mets are eager to see improvements in their performance sooner rather than later.

The Mets’ struggles have been particularly frustrating given the team’s potential and the disappointment following a lackluster 2023 campaign. The dramatic losses and late-game collapses have left fans and broadcasters alike feeling disheartened. With each setback, the pressure increases on the team to find ways to reverse their fortunes and start winning games consistently. The comments from Hernandez, Cohen, and Darling reflect the shared disappointment and frustration felt by those following the Mets’ challenging season.

The Mets’ recent losses have been marked by blown saves, late-game collapses, and missed opportunities to secure victories. The team’s performance has fallen short of expectations, leading to a string of defeats and a slide down the standings in the NL East. Fans are hoping for a turnaround in the team’s fortunes as they look ahead to the remainder of the season. Despite the current struggles, there is a sense of optimism that the Mets can overcome their difficulties and start stringing together wins to climb back into contention in the competitive MLB landscape.

The Mets’ struggles have not gone unnoticed by fans, broadcasters, and former players, with many expressing their disappointment and frustration at the team’s recent performances. The pressure is on the Mets to find ways to break out of their slump and start winning games consistently. With the season still young, there is time for the team to regroup, make adjustments, and improve their play to compete at a higher level. Mets fans are hopeful that the team can turn things around and start picking up wins to reverse their current downward trend in the standings.

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