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Over Memorial Day weekend, several New Jersey beach towns experienced chaos and crime involving rowdy teenagers, leading to police departments declaring a state of emergency in one city and implementing teen curfews in others. While it is uncertain if the holiday weekend was the direct cause of the unrest, police took preventative measures to curb the disturbances. Incidents included a 15-year-old boy being stabbed in Ocean City and an 11-year-old shot in Atlantic City, with two women arrested in connection to the shooting. Chaos erupted in different instances, such as people fleeing from the stabbing in Atlantic City and panic on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights after a car backfired, resembling a gunshot.

Disorderly teens were a concern for multiple cities, leading to curfews being enforced by police. Ocean City and Seaside Heights both enacted curfews for teenagers, aimed at maintaining safety and order in the areas. The Tom Rivers Police Department also reminded residents of its teen curfew during the summer months to ensure a peaceful environment. It is unclear if the rise in teen crime over the weekend prompted the reminder, but caution was taken to prevent further incidents. The surge in unruly behavior among teens highlighted the need for greater supervision and enforcement by authorities to maintain public safety.

In Toms River’s barrier island communities, a curfew was put in place through Labor Day, restricting juveniles aged 17 and under from being out on the streets without an adult from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. This measure aimed to prevent potential disruptions and criminal activities during the night. Wildwood also faced issues with rowdy teenagers, leading to the closure of the boardwalk and the declaration of a state of emergency to uphold law and order in the area. The decision to restrict access to the boardwalk was made in response to emergent conditions that threatened public health, safety, and welfare, highlighting the significance of maintaining order in high-traffic areas.

The state of emergency in Wildwood was lifted on Monday morning, indicating that the situation had been brought under control. Police departments in the affected areas were proactive in addressing the disturbances and ensuring the safety of residents and visitors. Newsweek reached out to the Wildwood Police Department, Tom Rivers Police Department, Seaside Heights Police Department, Ocean City Police Department, and Atlantic City Police Department for comments on the incidents, reflecting the public’s interest in understanding the causes and responses to the weekend’s chaos. The collective effort of law enforcement agencies in managing the incidents showcased the importance of coordinated measures to uphold public safety and prevent further disruptions in the future.

Overall, the incidents over Memorial Day weekend in New Jersey beach towns underscored the challenges faced by authorities in maintaining order and addressing unruly behavior, particularly among teenagers. The rise in crime rates during the summer months further highlighted the need for vigilance and preparedness to handle potential disturbances. By implementing curfews and declaring states of emergency as necessary, police departments took proactive steps to prevent further chaos and ensure the safety of residents and visitors. The events served as a reminder of the importance of community cooperation and adherence to regulations to foster a secure and peaceful environment for all.

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