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Former President Donald Trump is facing 34 charges in a trial where his family members have shown up in a show of support, with his three adult children and their significant others being present in the Manhattan courthouse. However, there have notable absences, including his wife Melania Trump and his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump. Other family members, such as Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Tiffany Trump, have made appearances during the trial. Eric and Donald Jr. criticized Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s star witness, and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg during a break in the closing arguments.

The Trump family’s presence in the courtroom reflects their varying levels of involvement in Trump’s third White House bid. Eric Trump has been attending campaign events and legal proceedings, while Donald Jr. has made select appearances on the campaign trail and hosts a regular TV show supporting his father’s policies. Melania Trump has not appeared at any rallies and rarely joins her husband in public. She has not commented on the allegations against Trump, specifically those involving hush money payments related to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

Ivanka Trump’s absence from the trial is not surprising given her and Jared Kushner’s public distancing from Trump’s latest presidential campaign. She announced she would not be involved in the 2024 campaign to focus on her family. Sources close to Trump mentioned that Ivanka had concerns about her children being aware of the intense public scrutiny that comes with being associated with Trump. After facing backlash from friends over her father’s policies while in the White House, Ivanka and Kushner moved to Florida.

Kushner’s parents co-hosted a fundraiser in New York during the trial, showcasing the family’s continued connections and influence. Trump has expressed frustration over feeling isolated during his court appearances, but his allies, donors, and potential vice presidential contenders have shown up to support him. Eric Trump apologized to the jury while defending his father, calling the trial a “colossal waste of time.” Despite the varied responses from Trump’s family members, their presence during the trial highlights the ongoing support and ties that remain within the family circle.

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