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Dave McCormick, the Republican challenger for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seat, recently completed a tour of all 67 counties in the state, covering 42,000 miles and making 345 stops along the way. With President Biden and former President Trump in a close race for Pennsylvania and the Senate majority at stake, every county visit counts. McCormick celebrated the end of his tour at an Italian restaurant in Matamoras, where he emphasized his commitment to representing all of Pennsylvania, not just the urban areas. His opponent, Democratic Sen. Bob Casey, currently has a two-point advantage in the polls.

McCormick’s tour milestone comes amid a report that accused Casey of lying about visiting all 67 counties each year. While Casey insists that his focus is on quality visits rather than quantity, the report found that he fell short of visiting all counties in 2023. McCormick believes that Casey’s actions, such as voting with President Biden 98% of the time and failing to visit all counties as promised, show that he is not forthright with the people of Pennsylvania. McCormick has consistently tied Casey to President Biden, emphasizing their shared liberal positions that he believes are out of step with most Pennsylvanians.

Prior to the primary elections, McCormick faced accusations of lying about his upbringing, particularly about growing up on a Pennsylvania farm. Despite these allegations, McCormick has denied them and continues to emphasize his background as part of his Senate campaign. Pennsylvania Democrats have criticized McCormick for renting a home in Connecticut and have dubbed him “Connecticut Dave.” Casey has also questioned McCormick’s honesty, urging him to focus on his achievements instead of misrepresenting his background. McCormick, a seventh-generation Pennsylvanian, has defended his character and leadership experience, stating his commitment to serving the people of Pennsylvania.

Both candidates are engaged in a heated campaign as they gear up for the general election in five months. McCormick continues to press Casey on his actions and promises, challenging him to be honest with Pennsylvania voters. Meanwhile, Casey’s campaign is attempting to discredit McCormick by highlighting alleged inconsistencies in his background and his investments in Chinese military companies. With both candidates trading accusations and trying to gain the upper hand, the political landscape in Pennsylvania remains contentious and unpredictable as the race for the Senate seat intensifies.

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