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Gunnar Henderson hit a grand slam in the second inning after Kutter Crawford walked James McCann, leading the Baltimore Orioles to a 6-1 victory over the Boston Red Sox. It was Henderson’s 18th home run of the year, tying him for the big league lead. Henderson credited his teammates for getting on base before him, creating the opportunity for his grand slam. The walk to McCann, his first of the season, was a key moment in the game according to Red Sox manager Alex Cora.

The game was tied at 1 when McCann came to the plate with two on and two out, and his walk set the stage for Henderson’s grand slam. Henderson, the Orioles’ leadoff hitter, relies on the bottom of the order to create RBI opportunities for him. Ramón Urías, the No. 8 hitter, reached base three times in the game and also hit a solo homer in the seventh inning, contributing to Baltimore’s offense. Henderson, who won AL Rookie of the Year last year, has emerged as an early MVP candidate this season with his impressive performance at the plate.

Henderson leads all of baseball this year with 11 home runs leading off a half-inning, showcasing his power at the plate. His grand slam against the Red Sox was his second career grand slam, demonstrating his ability to come through in crucial moments. Manager Brandon Hyde praised the team’s celebration of the walk that set up the grand slam, highlighting the importance of every small detail in baseball. Henderson’s success at the plate has been a major factor in the Orioles’ performance this season, with his consistent power making a significant impact.

The Orioles’ victory over the Red Sox was fueled by Henderson’s grand slam, a moment that shifted the momentum in Baltimore’s favor. Henderson’s performance at the plate has been outstanding this season, with his ability to hit for power and create scoring opportunities for the team. His partnership with his teammates, like Urías, who also contributed to the offense in the game, has been crucial for the Orioles’ success. Henderson’s emergence as an MVP candidate reflects his talent and potential as a young player in MLB.

Overall, Henderson’s grand slam against the Red Sox was a defining moment in the game and highlighted his impact as a key player for the Orioles. His ability to capitalize on opportunities and deliver in pressure situations has been a key factor in his success this season. The Orioles’ celebration of small victories, like McCann’s walk, illustrates the team’s unity and focus on teamwork in achieving success on the field. Henderson’s performance has been instrumental in the Orioles’ performance this season, and his consistency at the plate has set him apart as a standout player in MLB.

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