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Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. and his wife, La’Quetta Small, have been charged with physically and emotionally abusing their teenage daughter, according to officials. The charges include second-degree endangering the welfare of a child for both parents, with additional charges against Marty Small including third-degree terroristic threats, third-degree aggravated assault, and disorderly persons simple assault. The abuse allegedly occurred on multiple occasions between December 2023 and January 2024 when their daughter was 15 and 16 years old. Incidents reportedly involved Marty Small striking his daughter with a broom, threatening to hurt her, and punching her legs, while La’Quetta Small is accused of punching and hitting their daughter with a belt, leaving marks and bruises.

The investigation into the abuse allegations revealed disturbing incidents of violence against the teenager by both parents. Marty Small reportedly caused his daughter to lose consciousness by striking her in the head with a broom, while also threatening to harm her in various ways. La’Quetta Small allegedly punched her daughter, dragged her by her hair, and hit her with a belt, resulting in bruises and marks on the teenager’s body. Both parents have been charged with assault and endangerment, and the case has garnered attention from the public and media.

The charges against the Smalls have provoked a strong reaction, with the mayor declining to comment on the allegations and directing inquiries to his attorney. La’Quetta Small also did not immediately comment on the charges, and the city’s spokesperson referred all questions to the mayor’s attorney. The investigation into the abuse accusations led to a search of the mayor’s home on March 28, and the family attended a news conference on April 1 where Mayor Small asserted that he had nothing to hide. He refuted rumors of his daughter’s pregnancy and denied allegations that his wife physically assaulted her while their son filmed the incident.

The case has raised concerns about child welfare and domestic violence, particularly given the high-profile status of the individuals involved. Mayor Small’s position as a public official and his wife’s role as the superintendent of the Atlantic City Public Schools have added a layer of scrutiny to the allegations of abuse. The charges against the Smalls highlight the importance of addressing abuse and protecting vulnerable individuals, especially when it involves those in positions of authority. The legal proceedings and public response to the case may shed light on broader issues of family violence and child protection within the community.

The reported incidents of abuse by Mayor Small and his wife against their daughter have sparked outrage and calls for accountability. The severity of the charges, including endangerment and assault, underscores the significance of addressing allegations of violence within families. The impact of the case on the individuals involved, as well as on the community at large, remains to be seen as the legal process unfolds. The case serves as a reminder of the responsibilities that come with positions of authority and the need for transparency and accountability in addressing allegations of abuse, particularly when children are involved.

The allegations against Mayor Small and his wife have cast a shadow over their public roles and raised questions about their fitness to serve in positions of leadership. The accusations of child abuse and endangerment have prompted a closer examination of the family’s dynamics and the factors that may have contributed to the reported incidents of violence. The legal proceedings and public scrutiny surrounding the case will likely have far-reaching implications for the individuals involved and the broader community. The importance of supporting victims of abuse, holding perpetrators accountable, and promoting a safe and healthy environment for all individuals, especially children, remains paramount in light of these troubling allegations.

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