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The New York Times Connections puzzle is similar to Wordle but is more of a brainteaser that challenges players to group 16 words into four connected groups. The game editor, Wyna Liu, uses words that can fit into multiple groups to provide a challenge. Players must carefully analyze the words and think about related terms to determine the connections. The groups are color-coded from easy to difficult, with the yellow group being the easiest and the purple group being the toughest.

To play Connections, players must mentally assign the 16 words to related groups of four and click on the words they believe go together. The groups are not revealed until the answers are given. Some connections may be based on a shared part of the word, such as words starting with the name of a rock band. Hints are provided for each group, ranging from easy to challenging, to help players determine the connections. The groups are categorized by color, with yellow being the easiest and purple being the toughest.

Today’s Connections puzzle includes four groups: yellow (Agency in decision making), green (Dog commands), blue (Kinds of notes), and purple (____ iron). The yellow group includes words like choice, say, voice, and vote, while the green group consists of down, heel, shake, and speak. The blue group includes words like flat, natural, quarter, and whole, and the purple group includes words like pump, steam, tire, and waffle. Players can use hints provided for each group to solve the puzzle and make the connections between the words.

In addition to Connections, the puzzle also includes tips for Strands, a new game from the Times that is still in beta. The Connections puzzle challenges players to think creatively and analytically to find connections between seemingly unrelated words, making it a fun and engaging game for those who enjoy word games and brainteasers. The game editor’s clever use of words that can fit into multiple groups adds an extra level of challenge for players, making it a popular choice among puzzle enthusiasts. Overall, the Connections puzzle offers a rewarding and stimulating experience for players looking to test their vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

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