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The May 21 New York Times Connections puzzle challenges players to group 16 words into four categories based on their connections. This game requires both critical thinking and vocabulary skills, as players must identify the common thread among each set of words. The game editor often includes words that can fit into multiple groups, adding an element of difficulty to the puzzle. In addition to Connections, players can also find the answers for the Wordle puzzle, a vocabulary test that requires guessing a five-letter word based on limited clues. Strands, another new game from the Times, offers winning tips for players still in beta.

Playing Connections is straightforward but winning can be challenging. By examining the 16 words, players must mentally group them into related categories of four. Each color-coded group represents a different level of difficulty, ranging from yellow, the easiest, to purple, the toughest. Players must carefully analyze the words and consider related terms to successfully identify the connections. Sometimes, the connection may be based on just a part of the word, adding an extra layer of complexity to the puzzle. The goal is to correctly place each word in its respective group based on the common thread.

Hints are provided for each day’s Connections puzzle to guide players in identifying the groupings. The yellow group hint suggests a theme related to a small amount, while the green group hint pertains to saving money. The blue group hint hints at a connection to a barroom game, while the purple group hint alludes to words that include the name of a reader’s favorite accessory. These hints can help players narrow down their selections and make informed guesses when deciding on the groupings for each set of words.

In today’s Connections puzzle, the yellow words are linked by the theme of “smidgen,” with answers including bit, dash, pinch, and touch. The green words fall under the theme of “bargain,” with answers such as buy, deal, steal, and value. The blue words are connected by the theme of “billiards equipment,” featuring answers like ball, chalk, cue, and rack. The purple words, on the other hand, follow the theme of “____ book (that’s not a book),” with answers including face, mac, match, and pocket. By correctly identifying the connections among the words, players can successfully solve the puzzle and advance to the next level of difficulty.

In addition to providing the answers for the Connections puzzle, today’s Wordle answer and hints are also available. Wordle challenges players to guess a five-letter word by providing limited clues, making it a fun and engaging vocabulary test. With the right strategy and deductive skills, players can successfully solve both the Connections and Wordle puzzles, enjoying a rewarding mental exercise that tests their critical thinking abilities. Players can also explore Strands, a new game from the Times that offers tips for achieving success and mastering the gameplay.

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