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CEO of Atlas Surgical Group, one of the largest ASC groups in the U.S., shares his insights on achieving success over a lifetime in a recent article. He refers to these steps as the “C’s of Life,” with each representing a pivotal goal tailored to each decade of life. Failing to meet these objectives within their timelines might set you back in the relentless race toward success. From creating yourself in your twenties to cruising in your sixties, these strategies can help guide decisions and actions toward a fulfilling and successful career.

In your twenties, it’s all about creating yourself. Fresh out of the protective shell of adolescence and education, this is a time of exploration and self-discovery. It’s a chance to experiment with different careers, philosophies, and lifestyles to shape your future. The CEO initially embarked on his twenties as a medical graduate, dedicating subsequent years to deepening his expertise through residency and fellowships, positioning him as a seasoned specialist as he entered his thirties. Embrace the uncertainty and excitement that comes with this creative process as it sets the foundation for your life’s masterpiece.

As you move into your thirties, the focus shifts to control. Armed with knowledge and experiences from your twenties, it’s time to start taking charge of your life’s direction. This is a period for setting roots in your career, prioritizing financial stability, and aligning personal and professional goals. Effective management of health, finances, and relationships can dictate the quality of work moving forward, likened to taking the wheel of your life’s vehicle after deciding its destination.

Entering your forties, it’s time to take command. Having created yourself and taken control in the previous decades, you now have the opportunity to lead and influence. Use your forties to leverage skills and experiences, making larger impacts in professional communities through leadership, mentoring, and shaping policies. It’s about asserting yourself for the greater good, using authority and insights responsibly to contribute positively to the world around you.

In your fifties, you become the captain of your ship. With a clear understanding of who you are and your place in the world, this is the time to steer and delegate responsibilities. Focus may shift toward strategic roles within your career or community, or personal passions that have been postponed. It’s also crucial to prepare for retirement, ensuring that your life’s journey is well-mapped and heading toward pleasant waters as you approach this phase of life.

Finally, in your sixties, it’s time to cruise. This decade is about reaping the rewards of your hard work and enjoying the journey with fewer burdens. Retirement doesn’t mean the cessation of all work, but rather the choice to focus on hobbies, volunteer work, travel, or enjoying time with family and friends. This is a time to bask in the legacy of well-lived decades and embrace the view from the deck of your life’s cruise ship. Embrace each of these C’s as a philosophical deepening of your life’s journey, using them to navigate each decade with confidence and purpose for a rich and rewarding career.

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