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During Alabama Crimson Tide guard Mark Sears’ round of 32 game against Charleston, his mother, Lameka Sears, went viral for her enthusiastic support. She was seen on the broadcast imitating her son as he shot free throws and was wearing Alabama-themed March Madness apparel. Mark Sears had mentioned before the game that his mother’s voice was the only one he heard in the crowd, and he relied on her support to elevate his performance on the court. Lameka Sears explained that she gives her all in support of her son, so he can give his best on the court.

Lameka Sears was featured in a profile by the Tuscaloosa News prior to the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament, where she shared her unique way of supporting her son during games. She mentioned that she stands and imitates being at the free-throw line whenever Mark Sears is shooting, regardless of the score or situation in the game. Mark Sears expressed his gratitude for his mother’s unwavering support, calling it a “blessing” to have her cheering him on at every game. During the round of 32 matchup, Mark Sears had an impressive performance with 30 points in Alabama’s 109-96 victory.

The video of Lameka Sears imitating her son at the free-throw line quickly gained attention on social media, with many fans praising her dedication and support. Mark Sears emphasized the importance of his mother’s presence at his games, noting that not everyone has the privilege of having such strong support from a family member. He expressed his gratitude for her consistent encouragement and motivation, which have played a significant role in his success on the basketball court. Lameka Sears’ passionate support for her son has become a memorable part of Alabama’s March Madness journey.

Despite the challenges of being away from home and experiencing the pressures of playing in high-stakes games, Mark Sears has found comfort and strength in his mother’s unwavering support. Lameka Sears’ commitment to standing by her son’s side and cheering him on during every game has made a lasting impact not only on him but also on the fans who have witnessed her dedication. Her enthusiastic presence in the stands serves as a reminder of the powerful bond between a mother and her child, and the incredible impact that unwavering support can have on an athlete’s performance. Lameka Sears’ viral moment during Alabama’s round of 32 game is a testament to the profound influence that a parent’s love and encouragement can have on a player’s mindset and confidence on the court.

As Alabama continues its journey in the NCAA Tournament, Lameka Sears’ passionate support for her son serves as a source of inspiration for the team and fans alike. Her dedication and enthusiasm have become a symbol of the unwavering support that families provide to their loved ones in pursuit of their dreams. Mark Sears’ success on the basketball court is not only a result of his talent and hard work but also a reflection of the love and encouragement he receives from his mother and family. Lameka Sears’ viral moment at the round of 32 game highlights the power of familial support in helping athletes reach their full potential and achieve success on the biggest stages. Alabama fans can look forward to seeing more of Lameka Sears’ spirited presence in the stands as the team continues its March Madness journey.

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